Choosing the Best Blinds: What Color Blinds Go with Grey Walls

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In the past years, the color gray has started receiving recognition. Most interior designers today are coming up with sophisticated designs and never leaving this color behind. Unlike the past when grey was not considered a good color, there is an improvement in the way people are recognizing it. The mixture of black and white is providing a lasting effect on interior design and its diversity has made it ideal for use in homes and even the big hotels. It is providing longevity and is flexible for all kinds of rooms. 

When considering interior design, there are many things involved. It starts with the assets, lighting, flooring, and other elements. Grey brings a certain kind of feel when combined with other colors. However, as easy as it may seem, one must know the right colors to complement this color. If you have grey walls and are looking for other colors for your interior, you are in the right place. This article will take you through some of the ideal colors for your blinds and Curtains Dubai that will go well with grey walls.

What are the Best Colors?

Your bedroom is one of the most important rooms in your house. Therefore, you must consider the interiors carefully. They will be the last thing you see before you sleep and the very first things you see the moment you wake up. You can paint all four walls grey or just two sides. This is your house and you are at liberty of doing what pleases you. When choosing blinds for your bedroom, you should pick warm shades like beige, dusty pink, or yellow. The right complement will bring an inviting feeling, turning your master bedroom into a haven. It will also bring respite and a sense of style. If you want a glamorous feel, combine the gray with touches of gold to reflect the light. 

So, if you want to buy curtains online, remember that they do more, not just overlook. Consider the aesthetic you want, as well as, the intensity of the color grey. Here are some of the ideal colors:


If you have dark gray walls, consider buying pure white blinds. The white blinds pop up nicely while bringing in the light in the room. White blinds also bring that casual feel. Soft brasses will work best for hanging the blinds or curtains.

Navy Blue

This is another color that brings that pretty look when combined with gray. The dark color comes out well especially on light grey walls, without bringing the dark feel. If you want to improve your interior, combine the color with brown furniture or other items with a warm tone accent.

Dusty Pink

You can improve the sophistication of your room by adding the dusty pink color to your gray walls. The color works best for blinds and white furniture. The combination creates a beautiful feeling sweet for both adults and kids.


Gray and yellow make an amazing combination. Yellow blinds or curtains, combined with gray walls bring out a really warm feeling. Specifically, mustard yellow is better and stands out from the contrasting walls to create that gorgeous look.


Just like the white color, cream curtains or blinds bring in the airy feel and more light into the room. However, cream stands out to give that soft contrasting aesthetic.


These are the main colors for blinds that match perfectly with gray walls. Whether it is your home or office, consider buying blinds of the above colors to complement the rest of your interiors.

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