How to buy a bike rack for your business

There are many people who in pursuit of fitness love riding bikes to various destinations including their places of work and public areas like malls. This makes bike racks as instrumental as car parking lots to create order in how things are arrange din the compound. When shopping for bike parking rack, you ought to research about the classes involved and their unique benefits. The first class which is class 1 of bike racks is essential in places where bikes are stored for several hours. Among the several factors that matter when going through with class 1 bike racks is the security aspects, weather concerns and visibility. The best illustration of bike racks is the bike lockers.

The second class of bike racks is the class ii which is ideal for short term storage concerns. In busy places where customers come and go during the day as they please, a class 2 type of bike rack can be essential for the same. The only aspects that matter when you are executing this plan is the convenience of storage and location of the bike rack to suit the users mean t to use them.

3 things to consider when installing bike racks

Now that you know which class of bike rack to purchase, there are few of the above factors you ought to think about well before execution of the plan. Getting any details wrong in the installation might mean redoing the process. Combined here are a number of factors you must keep in mind before going through with the installation of bike racks today.



Spacing is the first concern you ought to handle on how the bikes will be arranged by owners when parking. What is the maximum number of bikes that can be held at a time? The spacing around the parking space should also be enough to allow for bike owners to park and remove their bicycles with ease from the rack. Access should be provided on both sides of the rack just to make sure that there is no conflict of access by those wanting to use the facility. You might want to consider a 30” of space for aisle and another 30” for handlebar clearance and ease of movement.


If your business is in a busy city, there will be many people coming and leaving your premises as they buy your services and products. The location of the bike racks should be near busy places with high traffic in order to serve the bike owners efficiently. If the rack is far from the destination of the bike user, they may not feel obliged to cycle all the way there for parking. This is necessary to allow for ease of access and exit once they are done with whatever they were handling.

Weather protection

This is highly dependent in the class of bike racks you choose for your business. There is class 1 and class 2 as you will learn from the details above. Choosing the right bike racks depends on how busy the place is and the duration of time the bikes will be stored. It is worth noting that weather protection is necessary to prevent the bikes from being affected by adverse weather. To ensure proper security against harsh weather, numerous businesses use overhangs, covered walkways, trees and bike lockers as shielding mechanisms for the same. You only have to find the one that appeals to your business best and make arrangements of the same before installing it.


Do not buy a bike rack only to place it in isolated areas; they will serve no one there. You need to instead place them in highly visible areas where they can easily be seen and used by the public. The reason for this is to inspire a sense of security in the bike owner knowing they can see their bikes from wherever they are. It therefore mitigates cases of theft and vandalisms as locating the rack takes a few seconds. Hidden locations may furthermore be creepy and not appealing to the bike user especially if they are in a hurry.


To achieve customer satisfaction, you have to make your customers comfortable in every way not just with the quality of service they get but also the entire time they will be at your business. Bike racks are a thoughtful gesture to care for your customers especially if people from your neighborhood love cycling. It not only gives them security but also makes them appreciate your gesture and hence consider you for the services you offer over other similar business around in your niche.