• How Much to Repair Garage Door Spring?

    While they’re a small element to a complete garage door installation, the springs are tougher than they look. The garage door springs play a critical role in offsetting the door’s weight to reduce how heavy the door is to move, whether by hand or using electrical systems.

    The spring’s steel is high-tension to provide the support required without breaking, but they do progressively become less springy. Also, the more regularly the door is opened and closed, the sooner the springs will begin to develop difficulties. 

    Is it Possible to have Garage Door Springs Repaired by Professionals?

    It is a common request because of how the springs provide support to the overall garage door mechanism and are weight-bearing. Just because they’re springs, don’t get fooled. 

    Should something go wrong with a personal DIY repair, especially on the first time attempting it, it’s possible to get into hot water. That is ever truer when trying to do it alone with no one else to take the garage door’s weight when necessary. 

    Therefore, it’s highly recommended that professionals handle garage door spring repairs or replacements. 

    What Does it Cost to Repair Garage Door Springs?

    When having a professional repairer replace the garage door springs, then the average cost of both new springs and the associated labor is likely to be around $250. The average when replacing two springs isn’t double that of a single spring, but perhaps adds $100 to the cost.

    The materials and worker labor relating to a garage door spring replacement cost could be just $150 but maybe closer to $350 for multiple springs that need replacements.

    Also, when it’s a multiple-door garage setup for several automobiles, then it’s more extensive. There are likely to be a greater number of springs and other parts relating to them that could require changing out. With greater complexity, the cost of a replacement and labor could reach $400-500. 

    Do Garage Door Springs Fail at the Same Time?

    While multiple springs most likely were fitted as new and at the same time, failure doesn’t always occur identically. 

    Sure, the garage door opening, and closing applies similar wear and tension pressure, but differences in manufacturing quality for batches of springs and variances in steel quality and manufacturing precision can cause failure timing to vary. 

    Also, if one spring is fitted incorrectly or other components of the garage door are inferior to the rest, the weakest component on one side can harm several parts on that side of the mechanism too. 

    When Should a Garage Spring Be Replaced?

    You may not realize that one spring has failed until both on either side do so. At that stage, the garage door isn’t being properly supported. But that’s not always the case. 

    A spring on one side may fail and be noticed. Additional weight is being borne by the other spring(s) at that point, which is not advisable and will accelerate their failure date. It’s best to arrange to have the springs replaced together before all fail. It’ll also be less expensive than replacing one spring only to need to get the one other replaced the following year too.

    Should You Attempt to Repair or Replace the Springs Yourself?

    Only people experienced with different types of DIY already should consider performing such a repair. 

    While extension springs aren’t too difficult to replace, the torsion springs are heavier and loaded with tension. When releasing them, they can come loose and move erratically. Given how sharp they are, they can cause physical harm. Also, when the torsion spring is rusty, there’s a possible injection to worry about too.

    Also, when releasing a spring, the garage door may shift position. As a one-person repair task, it’s extremely difficult to manage on your own, and even for two DIY beginners, it’s an uphill battle. 

    In most situations, it’s always best to have professionals perform garage door repairs. With the springs, that’s doubly so. 

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