• Why electric heating might be a good idea for your home

    For years, the most popular way to heat your home has always been using gas. Widely renowned for its cheaper running costs, over 8 million gas boilers are installed every year in the UK. 

    A boiler is an essential part of any building. It provides heat to the structure and makes it possible for tenants to live there all year round. Boiler maintenance is important because this equipment has moving parts that can break down over time, or develop leaks that could cause a catastrophic explosion if they are not repaired in time. One of the most dangerous things about boilers is that gas is often used as fuel, which means you need to hire a professional gas handler who understands safety standards and how to handle hazardous materials properly when working with your boiler. If you’re having issues with your boiler, why not contact Range Heating today

    Gas boilers work by pumping water through pipes around your home, heating radiators and the water you use. This system is the same now as it was when it was first conceived – but is there a better way to heat up your home?

    Electric radiators are becoming more advanced each year, helping homeowners enjoy all the benefits they would get from a gas system. The popularity of the electric radiators is being driven by a few different factors:

    1. Technology
    2. Legalisation
    3. Ecology
    4. Value

    Electric radiators are becoming the go-to choice for your home, and for a good reason. Today, we will be discussing why you should consider going electric. Interested? Keep reading!


    Compared to gas and central heating pipes, the installation process with electric heating systems is much cheaper and simpler to do. No pipework is required, meaning you have no restrictions due to the design of your home, or planning issues.

    All you need is a connection to a mains plug or electric circuit, and you’re good to go, meaning you can fit an electric heater in a matter of minutes.

    With nearly all electric systems, you will be provided with an installation kit making the task even easier. Installation is a case of drilling holes, attaching the supports and sliding your radiator in place. When fitted, just plug your radiator in, and you’re good to go.


    With no fuel being burnt to generate heat, electric heaters are generally much safer than gas. Carbon monoxide emissions and potential explosion risks are all eliminated, and with no water pumped around the pipes in your home, there isn’t any chance of your home being damaged by burst pipes.

    Additionally, electric heaters are much quieter than gas pipes as no water is rushing around your home. With a build-up of limescale and sludge, a kettling noise will occur that is very common, something you would not get with an electric heater.


    Connectivity is a real benefit of electric radiators. With smart devices, you can control your electric radiator right from your phone. Many conveniences are brought to your home, not to mention how much less energy is consumed, lowering your bills.

    Wi-Fi controls are available with some gas systems, but this is usually an extra expense with replacement fittings needed. Most electric heaters come ready with built-in Wi-Fi capabilities meaning you have this complete control at no additional cost.


    Electric heaters use clean energy that is respectful to the environment. While gas is the cleanest fossil fuel available, it is still detrimental to the ecosystem, and using electricity contributes to reducing CO2 emissions.


    On a daily basis, gas is cheaper to use than electricity. The area that the cost comes is with the installation, maintenance and lifespan of most gas systems. A trained professional is needed to install a gas system in your home, meaning you will have to pay labour charges on top of the system price.  

    On average, the lifespan of an electric heater is double compared to a gas system. Their efficiency is also at an all-time high, while gas pipes lose a lot of energy through travelling around pipework.

    With advances in technology and green energy, there has never been a better time to choose electric radiators for your home – so save money and help the environment while you’re at it!

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