3 Simple Interior Design Tips with Stick On Wallpaper

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We all admire beauty – Be it a sunrise witnessed after completing a tiresome hike, a cake turned out to be perfect in the first attempt, a child’s smile, or even the interiors of our homes. The knack for fostering this beauty around us is immeasurable. If you like experimenting with decor when it comes to your home, then your creativity might reveal a lot about your personality & it ultimately sets the vibe at your home. You might like to keep it simple and classy or put up vibrant colors to set it apart from other houses. Wherever your creativity takes you, uniqueness is the ultimate goal that you must achieve!

When it comes to interior designing, you can do a lot with the walls. However, painting them gets costly & you cannot do many customizations if your preferences keep changing with time. With wallpapers, you can turn the tables- the number of customizations is limitless! They are unique & look better than painted walls. 

Wallpaper is a terrific tool that can add a lot of aesthetic impact to a room. It comes in unlimited colors, patterns, and textures, and depending on your preference, it may be huge and aggressive or delicate and delicate. Wallpaper is also useful since it may be utilized in a variety of ways. Unlike usual wallpaper, stick on wallpaper is the best. We feature a stunning range of wallpapers that you have been looking for all this time!

Once you decide on the wallpaper, you can add subtle elements to augment the grace of your decor. All of this will create the vibe you want at your home, and for that, you can consider one of these nine wallpaper ideas if you want to integrate wallpaper at your home but aren’t sure how.

Astounding Ideas to design your home with Stick on Wallpaper 

No matter what color or theme you pick, you can always incorporate these evergreen ideas to make your interiors like never before! 

Two papers, one Wall

Here’s a fresh idea: Covering the top half of a wall with one paper and the bottom half with another creates a highly intriguing and strong aesthetic. (Again, chair rail is the best way to divide them.) It is a difficult style to pull off, but when done correctly, it can look great. Consider opposing patterns in bright hues, such as stripes and toile, chevron and damask, or chevron and damask. Look for tone-on-tone designs that are basic and comparable in theme for something more subtle. Because this is such a bold design, be careful with the other colors and patterns you use in the area. All of the patterns should work together rather than against one another.

Decoupaging Furniture

If you think that some piece of furniture at your place is broken/old or looks too bland, then you can consider adding wallpaper. In this way, you can go eco-friendly & upcycle an old item or add a little flair to something simple. It works exceptionally well on pieces like chests of drawers or console tables, which have clean lines and basic silhouettes (not too many curves). Remember that the paper doesn’t have to have a pattern; textured wallpaper, such as seagrass, can occasionally offer just the perfect amount of interest. Once you have done this step, the results are often amazing! 

Covering only Half of your Wall

Contrast is something that is highly appreciated. When combined with interiors & decors, it creates wonders. Using wallpaper to cover the top or bottom half of a wall is wonderful for getting the effect without dominating the room. (Ideally, use architectural moulding such as chair rail to divide the papered and non-papered parts.) Although it may still find it in rooms with a classic taste, it is another prominent appearance in previous decades. Covering the top half portion of the Wall with paper and having paneling on the bottom half is a common option. It’s a timeless style that never goes out of style.

Mini Ideas to help you with augmenting your decor: 

  • Add stripes of uniform width to a painted wall (might look standoffish but is unique & settling) 
  • Cover a lamp with the wallpaper 
  • Frame wallpaper & hang it on a wall
  • Apply wallpaper on the ceiling 


With these ideas, you can put creativity at its best. We hope these ideas resonate with you & help you set the perfect vibe that you’ve been yearning for! 

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