How Does a Central Vacuum System Work

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The centralized vacuum cleaners have many advantages in terms of hygiene, handling and practicality. Let’s find out in detail the usage and advantages of this central vacuum system.

How does a central vacuum cleaner work?

As in the electrical or hydraulic systems of a building, the central vacuum system includes a network of pipes under the track that ends in the walls with a suction outlet, which is perfectly integrated into electric plates of the brands. The suction tubing acts as a switch so that at the time of suction, it is sufficient to connect a hose to the outlet port, and the system is activated automatically.

Unlike normal portable vacuum cleaner, the centralized system, sucks the conveying powder to a specific power plant located in a separate room, normally far from the site being cleaned, thus avoiding recirculation of air in the same environment, which perfectly eliminates both silent mites and fine dust, which makes the air healthier and more breathable.

The operation is therefore as simple as possible and effective: at various points of the house is arranged a socket in which one can insert the flexible tube 7 to 9 meters long, which ends with an ergonomic handle equipped with a switch of Variable speed start and drive with a telescopic extension of chrome that can be connected to the most suitable brushes for the type of surface to be cleaned.

This system avoids the problem of dragging the machine around the house, like the hand-held vacuum (normally noisy, heavy and emanating from hot, stale air) to search for a suitable outlet or an extension that reaches the bottom, avoiding damage doors, furniture or edges with bumps.

The hose can actually be coated with a protective sock, which, in addition to preserving the integrity of the tube, in fact, protects the household surfaces against accidental contact with the hose, thus preventing crawling or damaging the furniture and walls.

The central vacuum system can be installed in the residential and commercial, industrial, hotel or healthcare sectors. Depending on the size of the rooms and buildings, it is necessary to place an appropriate number of containers and install empty plants to effectively support the plant, thus ensuring an excellent relationship between cleanliness, convenience, price and the power consumption.

How to choose a central vacuum cleaner?

Choosing to install a central vacuum system in your home will depend firstly on the size of your rooms. Depending on the number of rooms in your home, as well as their size, you will be able to assess where to install the suction vents.

It is also important to think about where the engine will be installed as well as the central tank, which will collect the dust sucked up.

Like all products, there are different types, brands and models on the market, and they are different, guarantees and prices. It is clear that there is not a single product that works for all cases. It must be evaluated on a case by case basis, well informed and above all rely on serious professionals (designers, plumbers or electricians) who can advise you.

Another useful criterion for guiding the consumer is certainly looking at patents and certifications, so you can even have complete traceability of materials and production processes.

A patented and certified product is significantly more reliable than the other. However, we are talking about plants that should have good durability, and therefore should have a guarantee of at least 2 or 5 years of good service.

With regard to models for the domestic environment, we can make two main distinctions: central hollow or grass wall suitable for small spaces and vertical construction, which can also be installed on the balcony or inside of the apartment and central vacuum in a separate building that have a larger footprint and normally in the service rooms (garage, basement, or outside).

Both solutions are effective if the manufacturer is reliable (patented and certified) the maximum cleaning efficiency is guaranteed even in compact stations since the vacuum system used is different. 

The center of suction recess or a wall, in fact, to ensure a high level of cleanliness, they do not possess the powder bags, but they must be equipped with the cyclonic ellipse of the filtration system, it that allows transmitting, filtering and breaking down powders at high speed, very quiet and very little space (about 48x45x23 cm).

If the central pact is not equipped with this patented hurricane system, it is unlikely to match the efficiency of a good central vacuum cleaner body units and will certainly be louder. So, in choosing the product, you must pay attention to this requirement.

Finally, ask yourself the suction power you need, which will also depend on the size of your home. The suction power of a central vacuum cleaner is measured in air-watts. It is this power that will determine the suction force of your vacuum cleaner. For example, for an area of ​​150 m 2, an average power corresponds to 500 air-watts.

Several installation options are available to you: you can, of course, call a professional, who will guide you in your choice and install the entire system.

The advantages of a central vacuum cleaner

Unlike the use of a conventional vacuum cleaner, this central system allows you to preserve and control the quality of the air inside your home. Changing the dust bag for a conventional vacuum cleaner often results in particle rejection. It is the same for the engine: although enjoying a filter, it tends to reject micro particles during use.

In addition, the central vacuum motor is also located outside the living area; you will enjoy a significant sound quality while vacuuming your rooms.

Also, the central vacuum system is very simple and flexible; it can be used by several operators simultaneously. It is therefore perfect for cleaning not only homes and apartments but large buildings and environments such as hotels, offices, communities, health facilities, etc.

Since it uses a 5 cm piping system that runs on the walls and under the floor, it is necessary to anticipate the predisposition for construction or renovation of the building, just as it is done for electricity and plumbing. This does not mean that he must now install the CPU too. Predisposition is a standard and universal procedure, it is normal for any plant, or you want to assemble afterwards, whatever the brand.


In the case of air-conditioning systems, it is essential to make the arrangement in the apartment or building, so that the end-user can decide at his discretion to install the new plant and therefore the type and the model, as the market offers different solutions for all needs.

Depending on the size to be cleaned, for example, it calculates the number of plugs to be developed (on average an outlet covers an area of ​​about 25-30 square meters), and the power of the installation is necessary to maintain the suction effective for the entire perimeter.

The central vacuum sucks dust, small debris and all the dry material that normally inhabit our houses, and we enter the execution of daily tasks. The risk of obstructing the piping is remote since the diameter of the pipe is smaller than that of the subtract pipe. As for the liquid, it must be vacuumed with the help of a special accessory known as the vac.

Water and dust suction together, in the absence of this accessory, it could create problems of clogging of the pipes and therefore powders to the central flow. Some manufacturers also provide the “liquid separator”, an accessory that is interposed between the suction tubing and the tubing so that the liquids are separated from the air and do not enter the fixed tubing. When the buffer is full, a safety float stops aspiration. 

The central vacuum cleaner is suitable for cleaning all surfaces, provided that suitable brushes are used. For example, for wood, you use a brush that will not scratch; for one of marble with soft bristles, for terracotta brush or émigrés with medium bristles. 

There is a wide range of accessories, including examples, are presented different types of pipes, brushes (carpets, radiators, blinds, mattresses, etc.) and outlets that are designed to accommodate various furniture characteristics (classic, modern, design, etc.).

The best central brands are designed to integrate into the home automation system. This means that if the dwelling is equipped with a home automation system, including the central vacuum can be monitored continuously and controlled by a small remote display that is connected to the central.

This makes it possible to keep track of the installation without having to examine the automatic alarm reception centers at the time of filter replacement or in case of failure, obstructions, etc. This is also the reason why the buildings have a system. Central vacuum is valuable on the market and are therefore more competitive in the sales phase.

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