How An Adjustable Bed Complements Elder-Friendly Home Design 

An elder-friendly home requires additional safety features. As people age, mobility and other physical capabilities decline. These inevitable circumstances impose a greater risk of accidents. However, you can avoid them by future-proofing your home design.

An adjustable bed is one of the best complementary features of an elder-friendly home. This upgrade significantly improves comfort and safety in the bedroom. It’s also ideal for your loved ones who are bedridden or need special care due to some medical conditions.

To share all the benefits, here are practical ways in which an adjustable bed complements an elder-friendly home design:

1. Enhances Home Safety 


Safety is the top priority for every home. However, designing a home for the elderly can be more challenging. It needs tedious planning, with attention to the minor details for your peace of mind. 

An adjustable bed is a crucial feature to complement an elder-friendly home. It might be a little more expensive than a regular bed, but its safety features are worth spending. It has a flexible base that can be adjusted according to your needs. 

Adjustable beds are expertly designed for safety and comfort. There are modern options that you can control through a Bluetooth remote or an app. There’s no need to stand up from the bed for tweaks and adjustments, making it perfect for elders and adults who prioritize convenience. 

Another notable advantage of adjustable beds is their ergonomic design, making them safe for people with cardiorespiratory and cardiovascular conditions. You can quickly adjust its base to a specific angle to prevent breathing obstructions, which is recommended for safe and sound sleep.

Moreover, these modern beds come in sleek designs to fit any home interior. This way, you can maintain your home’s interior style while doubling up the safety features. 

2. Promotes Stress Relief And Relaxation

A home’s interior isn’t just about aesthetics. A home’s function is to keep you safe, relaxed, and stress-free. Going all in to create a calm and peaceful home is an excellent step towards designing an elder-friendly space. 

A relaxing home design is incomplete without a comfy bed. An adjustable bed adds a different level of comfort, especially for the elderly. As people grow older, they may experience frequent joint pain and muscle ache. Sometimes, a night’s sleep on a regular bed doesn’t seem enough to provide relief. 

Smart ergonomic beds can align a person’s body to a healthy position, whether sleeping, reading, or watching TV. It can raise the upper body to an ideal sleeping angle to prevent choking hazards due to poor body posture. Some even have zero gravity features to make you feel weightless. This unique innovation can relieve pressure from one’s body, aiding better relaxation. 

It’s best to pair your adjustable bed with a premium mattress to maximize the benefits. Memory foam mattresses provide enough flexibility, enough to adjust to the core’s movement. It’s also best for relieving muscle tension.

3. Aids Extra Mobility

Old age comes with a decrease in mobility due to weakened bones and muscles. When designing a home for the elderly, some additions like railings and handles need to be installed in areas requiring frequent movement. 

Aside from handlebars around the house, an adjustable bed also aids mobility. Getting up can be challenging for the elderly, especially those with back problems. The flexible core lifts the body to an upright sitting position, making it easier to get up. This way, one can avoid straining bones and muscles every time one tries to get out of bed.

In addition, electric adjustable beds can change the body’s position with just one click. It can effortlessly raise your upper body or feet without straining or create a specific arch for better relief. Some even offer a massage option for destressing sore muscles. 

An adjustable bed is ideal for every home designed for the elderly and those with health conditions that limit body movement. It provides ample assistance and convenience to make their life easier and more enjoyable. 

4. Improves Sleep Quality

Home is where you can sleep soundly at night and nap calmly any time of the day. Designing a home for the elderly focuses on creating a conducive environment for proper rest and sleep their body needs. 

Improving sleep should be one of the goals when designing an elder-friendly home. This may include proper sound insulation, thermal regulation, and ventilation in the bedroom, paired with a comfy adjustable bed.

Adjustable beds are known for improving sleep quality. The body needs to be in a specific sleeping posture for uninterrupted sleep, which you can attain by reclining the bed to a particular angle. The flexible core of an electric adjustable bed with a premium memory foam mattress provides a solution for this necessity. 

If you or your elderly loved ones struggle to sleep, an adjustable bed is worth trying. It might even be reimbursed in your health insurance as medical equipment in some cases. It’s a helpful addition to a safe and elder-friendly home. 

5. Provides Easy Bed Access 

Aging may weaken the knees, making it more challenging to get into bed if it’s too high and difficult to get up if it’s too low. You can solve these problems by getting a bed with adjustable height fit for everyone’s needs.

An elder-friendly home design should always include an accessible bed. Having a loft bed or an upstairs bedroom is no longer an ideal feature for this type of home. 

An adjustable bed is a perfect addition to an elderly safe bedroom. The ideal bed height for the elderly is around 18 to 23 inches to avoid straining. However, it still depends on the height of the user. That’s why having a bed to adjust to your needs is imperative. 

Moreover, some adjustable beds have side railings for safety and assistance when getting up. You don’t have to build an additional bar beside the bed. These built-in rails provide easy access to the bed, convenient and ready to use.


An adjustable bed is a complementing feature when designing an elder-friendly home. It ticks all the boxes in a home design checklist such as comfort, convenience, and safety. Although it can be more expensive than a regular bed, the advantages make it worth every penny.