House Sets Example Of Urban Sophistication | Conarch Architects

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House Sets Example Of Urban Sophistication | Conarch Architects

Sapovilla 116, a villa with a Sapodilla, is an eclectic private residence borne out of inter generational needs and sensitivities of the extended family. The family comprises of the client’s parents, wife, two kids and a brother.

Located in Raj Nagar, Uttar Pradesh, set on a 1600 square yards site, the first challenge of the project was to find a balance between the built and the existing green areas and, site the building in a way to harmonize this landscape with family living. Critical to the site design process was the preservation of umpteen Sapodilla and Ashoka trees on the site, their integration into the outdoor family experience and maximizing views from interior spaces.

The owners envisioned a home for both entertaining friends and relaxing as a family. The plan groups for efficiency and minimize unnecessary circulation. The spirit of efficiency extends to the limited material palette—brick, concrete, stone—simple materials paired with energy-efficient glass and ready access to light-filled spaces. The design encourages natural ventilation and passive solar shading, while the roof and terraces collect rainwater that is used to recharge the groundwater.

The building exterior is intentionally subdued in color and texture, allowing the lush natural surroundings to take precedence. The stepped massing is driven by maximizing sightlines to the greens, solar orientation and carving out multi-level distributed terraces.


The ground level has the entrance lobby, a drawing-room, family lobby, a kitchen with a dining room, grandparents’ and brother’s bedrooms. The first level has the children’s rooms, the master suite, a laid back living room to sit and relax during the day, and a library. The second level has a multipurpose room.

The annex in the north connects the service zone of the house at the ground level and includes laundry, domestic help’s dwelling unit, and a covered backup area. The wet areas are located at the western extremes to allow drying naturally by the afternoon sun.

While the facade articulation reflects the client’s fondness for post-colonial architecture, the interiors are designed for contemporary urban living. The interior color palette brings a happy and relaxed vibrancy to the living spaces. A floating staircase leading to the second floor serves as a sculptural focal point and connects the two levels visually and functionally.


Filled with eccentric decor pieces, choice artwork, and custom furniture, this house is a culmination of urban sophistication and indoor-outdoor living.


Project Name: Sapovilla 116

Firm: Conarch Architects

Location: Rajnagar, Ghaziabad, UP

Plot Area: 1,600 Sq. Yards

Built-up Area: 14,000 Sq.Ft

Completion Year: 2019

Principal Architect: S.K. Goel

Project Scope: Architectural and Interior design

Project Team: Usha Narain, Meena Bisht, Nitish Goel,

Tanya Kumar, Yash Choudhary, Mukul Bharadwaj, Amar Singh

Content: Neha Goel, Akansha Rawat

Photography: Nivedita Gupta

2 thoughts on “House Sets Example Of Urban Sophistication | Conarch Architects

  • really stunning simple house with elegant concept. the furniture are also arranged beautifully. also with modern look. great job

  • Both the interior and exteriors are outstandingly excellent.
    entire furniture exept the bed are not my pic of pie but hey
    everyone has differont cnoice.
    in very simplystic manners a very peacefull living home.

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