Here’s Why You Need to Get Vintage or Retro Metal Signs as Home Decors

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Despite the modern time, vintage signs are great pieces of decoration. Whether we admit it or not, it adds a beautiful character and style to any room — living room, kitchen, bedroom, and even the most private room of a house, the bathroom. Vintage ornamental signs never go out of style, and even though experts have varying opinions in what retro and vintage means, one thing is for sure, this type of design incorporates anything inside a house regardless of the style the house tries to pull off. 

Do you find the old-time beauty of worn-out, dark-colored metal road signs attractive? Are you thinking about where to find them? These often found in a flea market or some good thrift shops near your place. If you can’t find one, some gorgeous pieces are also available online. If you’re thinking of putting something unusual and fun in your house’s interiors, signs will be your best choice. They allow you to add originality, personality, and style to the place where you and your family live.

Vintage Signs as Part of History

The word ‘vintage’ has linked to the production of wine. It is a French term that translates to ‘aged wine’ and used as a mark to a certain crop or year. As years passed by, the word was eventually added to the casual language and was used to depict the year when an object was created. Thus, it still actually determine a date for something. 

If you’re asking how vintage signs have become a popular home decoration, it all boils down to the nostalgic feeling that these things exude and the charm of old times that enchants us. Of course, it’s a case-to-case basis for everyone. A certain company or brand may have influenced you to buy it, it may be fashionable for you, or it may be the latest trend in the furniture section of a department store. Regardless of what your reason is for choosing it, nothing beats the elegance a vintage decor sign gives. 

Installing a couple of vintage items inside your house is a beautiful way of adding character and contrast (if your interiors styled with modern decors) to your home. Some pieces can be more than a century old, and they have something to tell. Vintage custom metal signs, for example, are great conversation starters as the homeowner can say about the story behind them.

Some cute wooden signs, road and beer signs, can complement the style of your kitchen, hallway, and even home bar. But the ultimate question is, how do you recognize a vintage item?

When do you consider an item vintage?

Although there are varying opinions and no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, there is a general rule that an item is considered retro or vintage when it reaches 50 years but is less than a century old. However, if a thing reaches at least 150 years old, it is no longer vintage or retro. It’s now considered antique. 

Vintage Signs as an Investment 

Image Credit: Deavita

For many years, people have been fascinated by discovering old things, carrying the secrets of the past and putting them as home decorations with unspoken stories. Whether it’s a hairstyle, a dress, a bright pink lipstick, music, or decor for the home, vintage items have never ceased to be in style. Purchasing these items is ideal if you’re looking to keep them for a hundred and fifty years or so as their price would be much higher than the price when you bought it. As a matter of fact, the antiques priced double or triple the price than the ones you find today. Therefore, it becomes an investment. However, if you want to sell it, later on, you need to make sure that what you’re buying is the original one. Do your homework on the signs of the item’s authenticity to ensure you are not buying a replica or fake item.


People tend to be in love not with the item but its past and the story it tells. Most of the time, a certain thing is part of history that piques our curiosity. No matter how weird that thing is, owning a vintage item can offer numerous benefits and advantages. 

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