Amazing Homes With Mid Century Modern Living Rooms

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It may be over seven decades old, but the mid-century modern living room style is here to stay in the 21st century. Arne Jacobson and Florence Knoll were the primary designers who had a unique taste that influenced the style’s popularity. You can opt for the style for your entire home or the living room alone. 

Here are ideas that can help you incorporate the mid-century style into your room and feel like you are living in the 50’s era.

1) Color

When it comes to decorating your living room, there are no limitations you have to adhere to for a perfect look. What matters is to ensure your choice color was prominent in that era. Use the color to your taste both in décor and wall paint.

The popular colors for a mid-century modern living room are warm with a natural look. Orange, brown, gray, teal, white, wood, and pink are some of the ones you can combine to come up with your unique look. You can get furniture or decorations with matching colors or combinations that make the room look lively. 

2) Lighting

The lighting of a house makes it attractive or dull, and you need to pay attention to how you light it up. A chandelier with a globe shape beautifully decorated can create the perfect lighting. LED pendant lights will efficiently offer enough light to your room as well as serve as decorative accessories.

You can use wall lights, which come in different designs, and you can mount them up in any direction you choose. Another lighting option to consider is the table lamp, which offers beauty and a light function. Whichever lighting option you go for, let it have a vintage touch and a modern one.

3) Furniture

For the sofa with a mid-century look, go for one with a rectangle shape and that which has shorter legs. You can incorporate wood, metal, and upholstery to your seats, whether sofas or lounge chairs. When choosing your seats, the bottom line is comfort. Therefore, go for that vintage look but with comfort in mind.

A coffee table is a must-have in your living room as it serves drinks to your guests and still offers that clean look. Go for a table with hairpin legs and set it conveniently in the place. You can have mats, rugs, and pillows to add to the room’s beauty and comfort. 

4) Choosing Accessories

You can choose accessories for your living room with the mid-century vintage vibe or incorporate it with new items. For the coffee table, you can adorn it with vases, bowls, or glass accents. For the walls, let them remain white and use art pieces with different shapes and colors.

Play with different patterns and textures on both walls and furniture. You can have throw-pillows of a unique pattern and texture from that of the sofas. Choose classic hues that blend in well with everything in the room to avoid making it look too busy.

When choosing accessories go for less than for more, which may leave the place looking cluttered. You will need a furnished room that is inviting for you and your guests, and it will take some considerations before pulling that look. The most important aspects to look into are color, art, comfort, lighting, and style, which makes you feel at home.