• Harnessing Flower Power: 6 Plants for Increasing Your Home’s Curb Appeal

    Are you looking for quick and easy projects to spruce your curb appeal without breaking the bank? Whether your end goal is to draw in potential buyers or create a captivating entrance for guests, flowering plants and shrubs are a low-maintenance, low-cost way to elevate your home’s exterior. However, before you dive root-deep into the wide world of decorative foliage, make sure you stock up on gardening must-haves and aim for projects within your skill range. 

    Go-to gardening essentials

    Whether starting from scratch or unlocking your green-thumb potential, investing in a solid set of gardening tools is a must. In addition to a pair of durable gloves, pruning shears, and a metal hand trowel, you may also want to snag a garden fork, spade, and adjustable hose. That way, you can breeze through the dirty work and watch your garden bloom and blossom in no time. Just make sure you purchase your essentials from a reputable retailer like GardenTap to ensure quality equipment.  

    What plants are best for curbside appeal?

    When ruminating on the perfect plant medley, you’ll want to ask yourself a few key questions. How much time do you want to put into maintenance? How can you enhance the outdoor space you already have? Is there a specific color palette that piques your interest? Once you’ve settled on a theme and taken an honest inventory of your gardening know-how, it’s time to get planting. 

    Low maintenance plants

    For those looking at low-maintenance perennials, consider the beautiful, vibrant Daylily. With the ability to withstand drought, heat, pests, and diseases, the Daylily is a perfect plant for busy homeowners. 

    Another straightforward yet showstopping blossom is the Coral Honeysuckle. When mixed with perennials and shrubs, Coral Honeysuckle creates a stunning blend of color and greenery that will soar upwards towards the sun. Plus, this low-maintenance climber attracts hummingbirds who pollinate during mid-June through September blooms.

    Plants that give structure

    Thrift (or Sea thrift) is an evergreen perennial that serves as a well-structured foundation for any home entrance. This pretty-in-pink flowering blossom blooms mid to late spring under partial to full sun and is an excellent pathway lining.

    The ever-popular Boxwood shrub is another bordering option for those looking for perfectly pruned foliage. Simply trim your greenery annually before new spring growth and watch as your shrub keeps its shape throughout the year. 

    Vibrant colors

    If you’re looking for a pop of color, consider Morning Glories—a bright trumpet-shaped blossom available in nearly every color of the rainbow. With adequate sun, these annuals will bloom through summer and into fall with little maintenance. 

    Despite the name African Marigold, this annual flowering plant is native to the Americas, blooming in yellow, orange, white, and red. These drought-resistant flowers will brighten up any walkway, taking your front garden from dull to decorous. 

    Final considerations

    Real estate experts agree that boosting your home’s curb appeal is one of the simplest ways to increase the value of your home. Plus, planting native foliage can also improve the ecological importance of your home, providing dwellings to birds, bees, and other wildlife. Simply check the USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map to ensure each plant suits soil composites and bask in the newfound beauty of your flower-filled yard. 

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