Contemporary Elegance with a Fine Balance of Bold and Cozy | Seedle

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A contemporary combination of dark and formal tones for the common areas while keeping the bedrooms light and bright allows for the larger spaces to be impactful while balancing out smaller spaces to feel open and large. The intelligent use of mirror in the common areas without the possibility of seeing your own reflection creates an illusion of depth making the spaces feel larger than they actually are.

Contemporary Elegance with a Fine Balance of Bold and Cozy | Seedle

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Blushes of pink, fuzzy textures and dreamy lights, this super cozy room makes the perfect cradle for childhood well spent.

Artistry unfurls its song as you make your way into this bedroom for two. Merging the outdoors seamlessly into the yet, private indoors this bedroom cladded in wood, marble and fluid art is like living in a vacation.

Muted tones, lush fabrics and prominent artwork create a space best suited for short stays.

Fact File

Designed by: Seedle

Principal Designer: Malcolm Daruwalla & Burgis Daruwalla

Project Name: Serene Living

Project Size: 920 Sq.ft

Location: Mumbai, Maharashtra

Firm’s Website Link: Seedle

Firm’s Instagram Link: Seedle

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