• Front Yard Design: 15 Features That Will Enhance The Space

    While doing a front yard design, the first thing that comes to mind is making it beautiful. A front yard design depends on the exterior theme of the home. The scale, form, and materiality of a house’s architecture should all be carried into the front yard design landscape. As the first encounter of any person entering the home will be the front yard design it must be created thoughtfully. Understanding the house’s surroundings becomes very important as it will help one decide the kind of trees, plants, or flowers that will grow. Keeping the type of ornaments in the front yard design is also a critical point of consideration. To beautify the front yard design one can consider the following features.

    Front Yard Design
    Project By: Studio Symbiosis

    Including various elements in the garden or designing the garden starting from the part you enter makes the first experience of any place. This also includes the colours used for the exterior of the house and even the materials. When it comes to the feel of the front yard design, it always starts with the feel one gets while they encounter the place. Hence, knowing the environment of the house it resides in will help with their front yard design.

    The following 15 features will help one create a serene front yard design

    1. Striking Front door color

    Project By: The RightANGLE Designs

    What one sees while moving into the house is the colour of the front main door, porch, roof, etc. The colour here catches the eye and attention of the visitor, giving them the feel to associate with the place. Hence, one can use colours such as blue, red, brown, and green that go with the house’s theme.

    2. Giving Grass Pavers

    Front Yard Design
    Project By: KARIGARS

    While moving into the space, when one can feel the greenery along the path, it will enrich the experience for the visitor. Hence, designing the grass as pavers in a front yard would make it more fruitful. This makes the paving look more rich and also adds colour to the ground. There are many patterns that one can look into for their front yard design.

    3. The Ornamental Elements

    Project By: KARIGARS

    When they have a huge front yard design space, they can add elements that can be part of the theme. The ornaments, such as huge pots and planters, can add to the beauty of their front yard design. One can fill the patches with pots that have carvings on them if the front yard design has to be traditional. Also, one can add various flower carriers that can be showcased on small walls.

    4. Organize potted plants

    Front Yard Design
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    When it comes to plants they can be kept in various types of pots. They are the life of the front yard design hence, they have to be chosen wisely. The choice of pots and their placement matters the most in any front yard. There are various ways in which the pots can be arranged. There can be hung pots, pots that can be kept on the ground, the ones made of ceramic and earthen pots can be used too. Organizing them in different ways can enhance the front yard with their presence.

    5. Adding Lights to Nature

    Project By: Studio RISA

    The front yard design also includes man-made decorative features along with natural features. Hence, lighting in the front yard takes a significant place. Adding lights to the ground, focusing the plants, and paving the grass will add to the front yard. Here, focus lights, dim lights, pole lights, hanging lanterns—every kind of light will add up to the greens. Using warm yellow light would look decent with the green, whereas any texture can be enhanced with the white light.

    6. Decorating the Porch

    Front Yard Design
    Project By: unTAG Architecture and Interiors

    The front yard is the culmination of the planning of the outdoor spaces while complementing the house. This includes the porch of the house that comes right after the garden space, from which one walks inside. Hence, decorating the porch will also create a beautiful experience for people while enjoying the landscape. The porch can have vibrant colours of one’s choice, whereas elements such as a swing or a small seat and table. Placing a colourful rug can also add to the front yard design.

    7. Growing Trees with Fruits 

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    A front yard design can be memorable when one can connect with the space. When one plants trees or shrubs, they can be thoughtful about it and plant a few fruitful trees if possible. This will make the user connect more to the space, and the colours and smell will add to the front yard experience in a subtle way. These trees will have different heights, shapes of leaves, and colours of fruits that will naturally beautify the front yard.

    8. Elevate the greens vertically

    Front Yard Design
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    When there is a very compact space for the front yard, one can think of planters that can crawl up vertically. Enhancing this vertical space would connect with the eyes through the vision naturally. There are various types of creepers, such as money plants and other green plants, that would grow vertically, which will also help cool up the space. Adding the gardens vertically would beautify the space by occupying a smaller amount of space horizontally.

    9. Hardscape and Softscape Balance

    Project By: ED+ Architecture

    Considering the front yard design to be the entrance of any house, it demands balance in its appearance. This includes the balance in the design between the hardscape, which includes concrete pathways and pavings, and the softscape, which includes the grass, the water bodies, the plants, and the unpaved grounds. The front yard design can have various types of steps and paving that can build a path or create small spaces. One can use different textures with stones, tiles, and blocks that become a part of the front yard design.

    10. Serene Water Body

    Front Yard Design
    Project By: RGP Architects

    The front yard design is very much a combination of textures, touch, smell, and colors. This includes the water bodies in the front yard design. One can always place a serene water body with decent murals in between that can uplift the scenic beauty of the place. The water bodies placed in any front yard near the window that opens into the living area of the house would make them part of both the inside and the outside.

    11. Shaping the Edges

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    While moving in the front yard of the house, if one comes across various experiences, they will remember the place easily. There can be a series of plants at the edges of the walkways that will make their way to the house. A front yard design will always look different with the approach that it takes. Hence, placing small shrubs or planters at the edges will define the walkway in different ways.

    12. Define the movement

    Front Yard Design
    Project By: Khosla Associates

    As the front yard design is aesthetic, it also demands comfort for its use. Hence, while designing, the way in which one can move matters. This movement should be supported by different types of paving and plants that would add to the pattern and texture of the design. The pathway landscape can have various shrubs, ornaments, paver blocks, and colours.

    13. Adding shades

    Project By: Studio Roots

    The front yard design can be maximized by including elements such as pergolas and sheds that can enhance the space. The vertical greenery can be attached to the sheds and improve the insulation. More trees can be planted that have larger, shadier foliage and can add space beneath.

    14. Adding Rock Features  

    Front Yard Design
    Project By: RGP Architects

    Making use of different types of pavers is part of the front yard. This takes us to the use of stones and pebbles in the paving. Unlike the concrete pavers, the natural stone pavers give an earthen feel. Also, it is a durable material with undeniable likeliness to its look. Along with the natural stone, the grass gives a very sweet essence to the place.

    15. Mixing Textures

    Front Yard Design
    Project By: The Vrindavan Project

    When it comes to adding visual texture to the front yard design, one can always think of adding various mix-and-match materials. These materials can be natural or man-made. The use of small pebbles as textures can be part of the hardscape design. Whereas the plants and their textured leaves can be part of the softscape design. This mix and match of textures will make the parts distinct in one’s mind. As a result, it creates a multidimensional story.

    A front yard design is a crucial part of any house design; when one enters the house, it creates the first impression for the user. It creates the path or the movement for one to reach the house. Also, when one lives in a house, the front yard is the culminating leisure space that makes the living experience for a person. Hence, creating a landscape for the front yard becomes essential. Planting various trees and shrubs and organising pots in the front yard make it lively for the user. One can arrange various seats in the front yard along with the water bodies that will let them enjoy the place with nature. The front yards have been a place for interaction in the homes. Hence, adding these 15 features to any front yard design will make the place more functional and lively. 

    Content Writing And Research By: Ar. Rajeshwari Pandya Modi

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