A little more room for your family: How a home renovation team can help you

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Do you feel the need for some additional space for your expanding family? Or, do you want to build a library or add another floor to your home? No remodeling project offers as much additional space as home expansions. Although it is a lengthy process that demands significant investments, it is also one of the most effective renovations that increase the real estate market value of a property.

Should you hire a home renovation business?

One way to cut the cost is by undertaking the process yourself. There are quite a few homeowners in Burlington, ON, who commit to home expansion projects without the help of contractors. However, it is almost impossible for any homeowners to successfully expand their existing homes without any experience in the field. They need to know about applying for permits and licenses, buying or renting the correct tools, purchasing raw material, the use of proper adhesives and fasteners, the basics of plumbing and electrical works, roofing and insulation work and a lot more.

In short, home addition projects are neither small nor easy. Hiring a home renovation business to assist you in every step is the smartest decision you can take to prevent the wastage of raw material, resources, and time. The professional home renovation team should be able to list all the raw materials you are going to need for your home expansion, and they should also help you obtain permits for all construction work on your property.


What should be the budget of your home expansion project?

Irrespective of the reputation or size of the home reconstruction business you hire, they should give you the decision-making power. You should be the one dictating the budget of the project and the quality of work. Checking the background of the team should help you understand what kind of services you can expect from them. The one fact you should know about home extensions is that it’s almost like building a new house. Most home expansion projects cost between $50,000 and $1,00,000 in Ontario.

The budget of every home expansion depends not only on the team of contractors you are hiring but also on the type and quality of raw materials you are buying. Most importantly, the budget depends upon the area of construction, the different amenities in the new wing, and the type of room/space you are adding to your home. For example, renovating a basement or attic and crafting a new apartment out of either can be somewhat cheaper if electrical wiring and plumbing are both already present in these places.

What are the different types of home expansions?

There are only two conventional ways to add a room to your existing home – up or out. There was once a time when there were set blueprints for every expansion. For examples, kitchen constructions were horizontal, and bedroom additions were vertical. Right now, with nouveau construction ideas and architecture plans, it is possible to break the boundaries of predictable architecture. Whether you are adding a nursery, kitchen, library, study, or an entertainment room, you can sit down with the team of experts and plan the due course of action in less than a day. That is only possible when the team has enough experience and knowledge of both construction work and permits.

Horizontal home expansion

While building horizontally, the construction team needs to get the necessary permits to begin their work. They typically begin work by bringing in an excavating tool that can dig up your yard or porch area (after removing any flooring). Then they need to lay the foundation and then continue building the new walls to enclose the space.

Building horizontally is the least disruptive of the two construction processes. Moreover, it does not affect the existing integrity or foundation of your home. Sometimes, for smaller expansion projects, you can opt for a bump out and avoid the excavation process altogether. However, you need to keep the legal property line in mind while expanding horizontally. You might even need to talk to your neighbors if your new construction approaches their property line too closely. Keep the legalities of property line “setback” in mind while laying down the construction plans.

Vertical home expansion

Building vertically is necessary when you don’t have much garden or yard space. You will not end up losing any existing open space, but careful examination of the existing building structure and foundation is necessary to ensure safe building. Adding an extra room means adding new furniture and tiling that will increase the load of the foundation of the building. If you are thinking about expanding vertically, it is imperative to talk to the best home renovation business in Burlington, Ontario.

Many cities and districts in the country have limitations on the allowable height of a house. While adding another unit, you need to consider room for the stairwell too. Your contractor or architect might need to tear down parts of the existing ceiling or parts of walls. They also need to extend the electrical wiring and plumbing. All of these require prior permission from the city office, and you should ensure that you have all the necessary permits and your construction team has an active insurance policy before you plunge into the project.

How should you prepare before the onset of the home expansion project?

Both the vertical and horizontal construction plans have their niche pros and cons. However, we all understand the need for an extra room, bathroom, or a larger kitchen for a rapidly growing family. Perhaps you have bought a small home that fits your budget, and you have plans of expanding on the property later on. In either case, you should seek out the advice of home renovation and construction teams in your locality who are well-versed with the paperwork and permits necessary in your area.

Choosing a locally operating home renovation company in the area of Burlington can help you stay on top of all licenses, permits, and insurance requirements long before the backhoe and hammers come out.

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