Fixing And Repairing Your Livingston, NJ Furnace and Heating System

Many homeowners in Livingston do not consider the small things when their heating system malfunctions. An automatic thought process goes to significant problems with the unit and a call to the professionals.

Before you reach out to furnace repair in Livingston, NJ, it’s wise to consider the possibility of the thermostat. This often-neglected part can, in fact, cause the heating to shut down if it is not functional. Let us check out how you can troubleshoot your thermostat for signs of malfunctioning.

Troubleshooting The Thermostat for Your Livingston NJ Furnace and Heating Unit

The thermostat on your New Jersey furnace does not have a specific lifetime designation, but the consensus is they will last roughly ten years with adequate care. After that length of time, you will begin to notice problems arising second to aged wires and dust buildups. Warning signs to pay attention for:

●     The display is unlit or unresponsive

Either the thermostat needs new batteries, or the unit is broken, meaning the heating will not be able to function. If you notice the furnace is not coming on or there are no changes in the temperature in the home, even when the display is lit, there could be defects with the wiring preventing signals from being sent from the box to the heating equipment.

●     The furnace is running continually without turning off

There is a likely chance the calibration is off with your thermostat’s system, or the wiring has become frayed. These are issues that need addressing with a professional furnace repair technician for inspection and correction or replacement.

●     The temperature in the home and settings don’t match

A more subtle sign that the unit has a malfunction is when the room temperature is inconsistent with the settings. The suggestion is that a zoned house will typically have temperature differences in the varied rooms. But if the house is not zoned, then a fluctuation in room temperatures would not be the norm. That would, instead, be an indication of faulty thermostats.

Troubleshooting and correction

If any of these scenarios appear to be happening within your Livingston household, there are a few steps to follow to determine if a call to the experts is necessary. Some things to try:

●     Check the settings are accurate

It is surprising, but many people have difficulty reading the settings. Some fail to get the lever on “heat.” When calling for help, it is found to be on “off” or “cool,” and sometimes it will constantly run because it is left in the “on” position when it needs to be placed on “auto.”

●     Set it 5 degrees high or low

Depending on the season, set the temperature accordingly:

  1. In the summer, the temperature should be higher than standard by 5 degrees
  2. In winter, you should go 5 degrees lower than standard

It might seem unusual to set it warmer in the summer and cooler in the winter, but it will save energy and be much more cost-effective.

●     Change out the batteries in electronic models

Batteries need to change each year whether the batteries die entirely or not to ensure the system’s stability. Keep a note on the calendar when you change them, so you are sure to remember the following year for digital modes. If your furnace is not functional, do this and see if it fixes the problem.

●     Keep the unit clean

Mechanical models (with levers that move back and forth) can malfunction due to dust accumulation. The cover needs removing, and the inside dusted very gently with a soft bristle brush or a cotton swab.

Final Thought

If you notice the wires seem to be all connected firmly with appropriate hardware, but the thermostat is not functional, it’s time to contact a professional heating specialist. See here on how long heating thermostats last and when you should have them replaced.

Experts can test the individual wiring to learn which is not functioning. If corrections aren’t possible, your trusted tech will give you a replacement unit instead.

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