Five Steps To Ensuring the Safety of Your New Home

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Finally, you’ve achieved your dream: Bought a beautiful new home! As you’ve been saving money for so many years, you can’t believe it’s finally happening. Many of the new homeowners get caught up in the excitement, so they forget to think about the safety aspect of their new home. However, if you want to enjoy your home for many years to come, you will need to protect it from all the potential threats.

Moving into your new home is a moving milestone for you and your entire family. To help you enjoy it as much as you should, we bring you essential steps on how to ensure the safety of your new home.

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Step One: Getting to Know Your Neighbours

This is something you would probably do anyway as you want to meet the people who are living in the same street as you but have you ever considered it’s actually a safety measure? It’s an effective way to protect your new home from potential burglars as you’ll have more eyes watching over the house. For instance, when you’re at work, one of your neighbours might notice something weird is happening and call the police if necessary. That’s why it’s vital that you get to know your neighbours so you can help each other protect your homes.


Step Two: Securing Your Doors and Windows

As this is your new home, you might think that everything is perfect and nothing requires your additional attention. However, you should definitely check every area of your home that’s a possible entrance for the burglar. Are all of your doors and windows secure? Your exterior doors should have strong framers, but also protected hinges and a mail slot that’s so thin that nobody can’t reach inside.

When talking about windows, you can reinforce the glass with window security film or even install a glass break sensors. You can also add a deadbolt, video doorbell, smart lock, strike plate,… There are many options on the market right now and the only mistake you could make is not to purchase any of them!


Step Three: Having a Good Exterior Lighting

Having exterior lights will definitely discourage your burglars. As they know they can immediately be exposed if they make a wrong move, you should invest your money in finding motion sensor or regular exterior lights. In case you go on a vacation or you’ll be away from home for a longer period of time, set your lights on timers so the potential burglars will think you’re still home. All of your lightings should be installed correctly so it truly scares off these people, not help them.


Step Four: Locking Up the Garage

Did you know that the garage is one of the most common access points for criminals who want to rob you? The reason for that is if your home is not easy to break into, they will choose your garage as people usually keep a lot of their valuable possessions there as well. That’s why it’s vital that all of your doors that lead to the garage are locked all the time. Also, you should think about covering garage windows so nobody can see inside and securing your garage doors with extra locks.


Step Five: Getting a Dog

Do you love animals? If so, that’s great as they are one of the best home protection methods you could choose. These lovely companions are also very helpful in many situations. For instance, they will start barking when someone is at the door and they have never seen that person before. Some of the dog species are well known as great guardians but you will not go wrong if you choose the one you like best. After all, they all are terrific at helping you understand what’s happening when you’re not watching.

Copyright: Pixabay I License: CC0 Public Domain

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