Five Places Couples Must Visit In Mexico

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When you are planning a vacation to Mexico, you need to choose the most romantic spots to take your spouse. When your spouse is with you, you can truly enjoy Mexico in ways that people cannot if they are by themselves or take their kids. Read through this list of five locations that will be exciting and romantic. Plus, you should begin looking at how you can travel between these locations to ensure that you will have the very best trip with the person you care about most.

1. Riviera Maya

Riviera Maya is the quietest place that you could go with your spouse or partner because you get the nice beaches, waves washing on the shore, and canals in the city that will entice you to take several tours. This is one of the lesser-known vacation locations because this city does not attract the college and high school crowd. You will be among the adults you prefer to pay for quality luxury, and you can stay in one of many speciality resorts.

There are many lovely activities that you can try with your partner on the water from paragliding to parasailing. You may take a charter fishing boat out on the quiet waters of the Caribbean, and you can rent a boat that you can rest on for most of the day. There are many fine dining spots that you must try, and you can meet other couples who are hoping to make a few friends on their vacation.

2. Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta is one of the more popular vacation destinations in Mexico because it has been featured in prize packages for quite one time. When you come to Puerto Vallarta, you will be surrounded by the luxury that marks this town. This is not the place that families and singles come. Plus, this city has many lovely resorts that will cater to your every need.

When you come here, you can travel into the outskirts of the city for a hiking tour, or you could explore the older parts of the city to see how it was built. There are many wonderful beaches where you could go paragliding or sailing, and you can rent your own boat if you would like to explore the shore. This is a great place to come if you want to stop over as part of a cruise, or you could fly into the airport and spend several days on the beach.


Puerto Vallarta also has many hidden corners where you can kiss your partner, romantic restaurants that have been started by five-star chefs, and bars where you can meet other couples. There are many locations along the coast where you could have a magical moment, and you could even come here to get married because the soft and sandy beaches will give you the perfect backdrop for the most important day of your life.

3. The Sombras House

If you would like to visit Sombras Del Viento, you will be on Soliman Bay where you can see the water. This house can sleep up to 15 people, and it is a wonderful place for you to entertain guests, host parties, and rest during the day. You can swim in a pool that is on the property, and you can cook in the fully-stocked kitchen with no trouble. Because of this, you will feel as though you have come home.

You can sit outside with your spouse to relax and watch the stars. You can go on walks around the property where you will be surrounded by the shade of the palm trees, and you can sit on one of the benches that allows you to relax outside. This manor is the kind of place you want to stay just to get away from it all, and you can even have breakfast in bed in the morning because you will feel like you are living a dream.

Sombra is also a wonderful place to propose if you are trying to find the perfect spot to pop the question. You could bring your partner to this location for an anniversary, or you could even honeymoon in this spot because you will not be bothered by tourists.

4. Chichen Itza

Taking a trip out to Chichen Itza is something that every couple should do. You will go out into the countryside where these lovely pyramids have stood for thousands of years. When you are allowed to climb the pyramids, you should take that trip together. You will see how the Mayans lives so long ago, and you will begin to feel like you have been transported to another place.

This journey requires that you take a car out to the site, and you will get a personal tour from the driver who takes you out there. You might choose to take a helicopter trip to fly over the pyramids, or you could survey much of the area in the helicopter. This is quite an adventure for you and your spouse to take. Plus, you can actually hike around the vicinity of the pyramids to see more of the structures that are left behind.

Because Chichen Itza is an historic site, you will need to drive away from the location to find the best local food and drinks. You can meet amazing people who serve good food every day, and you can hide in the corner of an old cafe where you can kiss, laugh, and make memories that you cannot make in a massive resort town.

5. Cabo And Baja California

When you come to Cabo San Lucas, you can do more than go to the resort and have fun in your room. There are many amazing resorts that give you a view of the Pacific, and you can take boats out on the water, fish in the Gulf of California, or paddleboard along the coast. You get to explore the town because there are many bars and restaurants that you can visit. This is a quiet place to visit where you can get away from it all, rent a bungalow near the water, or find a private house that will give you stress access in the middle of the city.

You can also take road trips in a rented car around Baja California to see fishing villages and many small communities that are just outside Cabo. Because of this, you can make new friends, find food that you will not get in the resort, and find a private beach where you can have a picnic while the sun is setting.

Cabo is also a wonderful place to go deep sea fishing in the Pacific because you have very deep waters where the charter fisherman can take you to hunt for fish that you cannot find on the Atlantic coast.


The vacation that you take to Mexico should feature nice resort towns that offer you a bit of quiet, a place to have an adventure, and activities that will be enjoyable to both of you. These cities provide you with the best food, the best setting, and a place to relax that is far from home. You can rent an amazing house that will play host to many parties, or you could to the remote outskirts of Baja California for a road trip where you will meet new friends. Propose to your mate in one of these locations, climb the ancient pyramids of Chichen Itza, or hide in a beautiful home that will keep you detached from the world outside.

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