• Inexpensive Tricks to Make Your House Look Expensive

    Reports show that many homeowners are willing to spend thousands of dollars on adding value to their homes. The goal is to make the house look expensive and full of life. However, it is unrealistic for some people to spend such amounts of money to renovate their homes. Therefore, here are inexpensive tricks that you can apply to make your house look expensive.   

    Let There Be Light

    An affordable way to make your house look expensive is by illuminating it with different types of light. Lighting pieces are affordable, and they are easy to find both online and in shops. Choose pieces according to their shape, design, and size. Put an interesting chandelier in the kitchen and it will tremendously enhance its look.

    The lighting that you chose to put at the center of the house should make a statement.  The house will look more expensive if you arrange different light pieces in various heights and bulb sizes. This will give you an amazing effect which is luxurious and welcoming. Lighting is an accessory to your house as jewelry is to your fashion. Therefore, it is an excellent affordable trick to make your house look like a million bucks.

    Add Molding

    If your walls are boring and the corners are flawed, your house will look cheap. An easy way to correct this is by adding molding. One of the most used types is crown molding which helps cover the imperfections in the corners of your walls. However, it is vital to match the style of molding with the overall style of your décor.

    Your house should have a uniform flow to get that expensive look. Moreover, crown molding gives the impression that a room is taller, giving the illusion of a larger room. Expensive houses are spacious, and molding adds a bit of space. Therefore, molding is a fantastic way to make your house look expensive using a few coins.

    Add Art Pieces

    There is a high chance that all the expensive houses that you have visited have artwork. Not all art pieces are expensive as some are found on online pages, yet they are incredible. Take your time to select a fantastic one that matches your décor and put it on your wall. Add other inexpensive pieces that are fun as they will help your house look incredible.

    Artwork also includes family photos put in designed frames. You should figure out how you want the art pieces to hang, and not all walls need to be filled with art pieces. Purchase a few pieces which make your house look expensive and relaxing. Another inexpensive trick that is a bonus to this is making your own artwork. Head to the store and pick a few pieces which will be customized for you.

    Paint Your Walls

    Adding a pop of color to your house is inexpensive, but it makes a significant impact that cannot be ignored. You can paint your walls white or a bold color depending on your preference. Whether you go dark or bright, the color will change the feel of your house. This can be the only trick that you use out of this list, and you will feel like you have changed the whole house.

    Have a Bookshelf

    A bookshelf has an elegant effect on houses. This can be linked to the fact that many wealthy households believe in books, so they have bookshelves in their homes. Also, a bookshelf is created using different designs which also accentuate the look of the house. One of the best designs that will make your house look expensive is the bookshelf that extends from the ceiling to the floor.

    This bookshelf looks richer than the one that stands alone and is used as a television stand. Take measurements from the ceiling to the floor and give it to your carpenter. This should take about two weekends, and it will be done. It is cheap to make this bookshelf yet its expensive effect in the house cannot go unnoticed.

    Keep Your Furniture Minimal

    The minimalist approach of “less is more” is perfect when you are making an expensive house using inexpensive tricks. If you fill your house with furniture, it will look small, and as mentioned earlier space is essential when going for an expensive look. Minimize your furniture by having only the necessary ones.

    Go in every room in your house asking yourself which purpose each furniture piece serves. Those that do not serve any function and have not been used for some time should be removed. You can sell them in second-hand stores and make money. Decluttering also helps you discover that you have enough furniture and you don’t need to add new ones.

    Accessorize Your House

    Accessorizing your house is affordable and  it will make your home look exquisite. Use throw pillows, blankets, sheets, and curtains, among other accessories. You should be intentional when shopping accessories to match them with the style of your house. Also, be careful about how you place them. For example, hanging long curtains make your house look large and beautiful. 

    Get the best bed sheets to improve the look of your bedroom. Your bedroom will also look expensive if your bed has the right mattress, especially if you are a side sleeper. The previous trick also applies to accessories, which means you should minimize them.

    Switch up Your Hardware Finishes

    You don’t need to splurge thousands of dollars to change your kitchen drawers and cabinets to get an expensive look. Simply switch up hardware finishes such as drawer pulls, knobs, hinges, and door locks. These tools will give your kitchen, bathroom, and living room a new look. All local hardware stores have these tools at affordable prices. They are easy to change, but you can get professional help when changing hinges and locks.

    Plant Your House

    Flowers and plants give a house a calm and expensive feel. They are affordable and can be found in your love garden for free. Find a beautiful vase which will give your house an expensive expression. Also, have a potted plant on a coffee table or in one of the spaces in your bookshelf. Going green will give you a valuable look at a very uncostly price.

    Working to make your house look expensive is a good thing as it helps you express your style. You will not need to break the bank if you use the tricks mentioned above. If you are struggling to get your dream house immediately, take a step back and avoid doing all at once. Take each trick at a time and you will be happy with the result.  

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