Essential Tips To Designing A Grand Bedroom As An Architect

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The bedroom is an area where a homeowner is going to spend plenty of time in. Therefore, when designing a home, it should be an area that you need to pay close attention to.

Although there are different styles and ideas that can be implemented to create the “perfect room,” there are certain concepts that you can apply to any idea that you may have. These concepts are exactly what we’re going to be talking about.

Here are some tips when designing a grand bedroom:

Plan Ahead


As an architect, you’ll only get a chance to design the space itself, but you really end up having no say in what type of furniture is going to go into it. On rare occasions that you get a chance to know the furniture details, like what type of bed, quality mattresses, couches, and night tables are going to be put in the room, be sure to incorporate this into your design.

At the same time, you need to make sure that the space that you design can be sort shapeshifted at will since pieces of furniture will come and go over the years. If there’s a good base layout that was set up by the architect, then most of the things that you could add to the room are going to look good anyway.

Have Extra Space

It’s always a plus when you can have space to dress up in the mornings or just be able to walk through a bedroom. If not, what ends up happening is that the person that lives in the area is going to do everything while sitting on their bad. This is obviously something that’s less than ideal.

Some ways to add space to a room include making sure the door doesn’t open into the room, which is ideal for small rooms. Not adding unnecessary features, such as unwanted closets, could work great for a larger room. Adding beds with drawers and cabinets as part of the box itself can also be an idea to save some space.

Make Sure There’s Enough Light In The Room

Lighting is one of the most important aspects of designing any room. It can be pretty simple but having a room that looks excessively dark all the time can affect the way that the room is perceived.

The best way to ensure that there’s enough lighting in a room is to add enough windows. Of course, this also is going to tie into the look that you would want the home to have on the exterior, which is also something else that you need to consider.

Don’t Be Afraid To Add Higher Ceilings

Adding higher ceilings can really help create the illusion that you’re actually entering a larger room, even if it’s not the largest space from wall to wall. This is especially essential when you are designing bedrooms.

The last thing that you want in the bedrooms is for people living in them to feel cramped or trapped. Having low ceilings in a small place can really give you that feeling. When you add higher ceilings it usually makes the room temperature lower. This is ideal in warmer climate areas.

Although you may not be the one ultimately living in the home, creating these types of designs could help in the selling process later on.

Keep The Outdoors Out or Bring Them Into The Design           

This tip is one of those that you could really take it or leave it depending on what you’re looking to achieve. If you’re designing a home in an area that’s known for having a lot of trees and plants around and when you set foot outside you can really feel your lungs filling up with fresh air, don’t be afraid to incorporate that feeling into your room. Adding larger windows or even a balcony if you can is a great asset to the overall living experience.

There are other cases though where you may want to create a space that’s going to allow people living there to see the outside view. You don’t always get to pick and chose the area that you work in. In these cases, we can go back to the high ceiling concept. Maybe what you can do is add windows that are very high up in that tall ceiling. That way, you’re ventilating the room correctly.

A Room Is Not Only For Sleeping       

With work from home jobs being a more popular trend each day, for a lot of people, their rooms become the area of their home where they spend most of their time in. Ideally, you’re going to have enough room to add a living area within the same room. This will allow you to create a hotel suite type of experience as we mentioned. There are other times though that you’re not going to have enough room to add all of the furniture and details that you would like to add.

That’s when you can really get creative and sort of build a room that serves as a bedroom and a study all at once. You can do this by adding a working area that’s built into the wall, sort of like a closet. Obviously, this is going to be really helpful if you’re not putting in a king-size bed and night tables next to it. Instead of table lamps, a smaller bed with mounted lamps allow you to take back more space within your room.

These are just a few of the many things that can be done to create a better overall bedroom experience.   


Although you’re not going to be living in all of the rooms that you design, that doesn’t mean that you should not design them as if you were going to be living there. Of course, as an architect, you’re at times limited by the budget and the ideas that the client is bringing to the table. That doesn’t mean that you cannot incorporate a unique touch to the area.  

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