Top Tips For Maintaining Carpets at Home

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Carpets are expensive but they are an essential part of your home. The exact type of carpet you choose will depend on where in the house it is being located, your budget, and your preferred style.

But, once you’ve spoken to an expert and decided to buy carpet flooring, you’ll need to have it fitted and then deal with the maintenance. Although it can seem time-consuming remembering to undertake maintenance ensures the carpet will exceed your expectations.

A little maintenance can dramatically increase the life of your carpet, it’s worth spending some time regularly using the following tips.

Skip High-Traffic Areas

The first thing to note is that the carpet is not the best solution for high traffic areas, such as your main hallway. The constant movement of feet and the dirt brought in from outside will quickly wear the carpet down, leaving it looking old and tired.

Whenever possible, it’s best to use a different flooring type in high-traffic areas.

Wipe Feet and Remove Shoes

The idea approach is to remove shoes before you step on the carpet. This reduces the amount of dirt being carried into your home. There is no reason why you can’t insist guests do the same. Of course, you’ll probably get a few comments but it is your home.

If you really can’t persuade people to take their shoes off then at least make sure they’re wiping their feet before entering your home. Or you can refuse to let them in.

Don’t forget, if people take off their shoes they’ll be better able to appreciate the softness of the carpet under their feet.


Vacuuming is the most effective approach when dealing with carpets. The long piles are not easy to brush but a vacuum can suck all the dirt out, ensuring they remain clean. This will help to extend the carpet’s life.

It’s best to vacuum with a good quality filter in, this will prevent the dust and debris in the air being re-circulated and settling on the carpet again.


You can’t cover your carpet with a sheet of plastic, no matter how tempting that may be.

However, you can treat it with an approved stain protector. If a glass is knocked over prompt action on your part will remove the liquid and prevent the carpet from being damaged.

If spots and stains do start to appear that you didn’t previously know about then you’ll want to remove them as quickly as possible. The sooner they’re extracted from the carpet the less likely it is any permanent damage is caused.

Professional Clean

Maintaining your carpet regularly is a great starting point. But occasionally you should trust your carpet to a professional. They will arrive with specialized equipment to look for stains and effectively remove them for you.

Keeping your carpet well-looked after doesn’t need to be difficult. But, it is something that you need to do to ensure your carpet looks good for years to come, getting you the best possible value from it.