Double-Height Courtyard Providing Experiential Environment At RR House | Rakta Studio

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Double-Height Courtyard Providing Experiential Environment At RR House | Rakta Studio

The Ruang Bayang – RR House is located in the center of Bandung, city, West Java Indonesia. The main idea was to create a sequential progression from the public to private zones by using the courtyard & vertical circulation as the divider between the two. Also, the varied volumetric scales of the public & private zones and their different interactions with the exterior were an essential part of the idea.

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The double-height of the inner court with the skylight above gives users the experience of how natural lighting interacts with architectural elements. In addition, the sun creates a beautiful shadow / “Bayang” as we named it in Indonesian, towards the wall below, yet the light will constantly change the shape of the shadows and their direction following the movement of the sun each day.

Upon arrival, the main entrance welcomes us with a spacious foyer with a zen garden along with the reflection pool beside. As a further matter, climate concern is another key design for this small house. Heat avoidance elements on two sides are created.

It helps reduce heat and create more privacy for the house as the separator the public from the private living area of the house, the double-height volume of the courtyard also creates better air circulation and the pool itself maintains the humidity of the house.

While this courtyard area is covered with a skylight to keep the natural light get through inside the house and create an aesthetics shadow effect as well. The staircase is at the side of the house, which creates an attractive point due to the unique design itself. Moreover, the trees are planted along with the backyard of the house.


Designed by: Rakta Studio

Project: RR House

Project Type: Residential

Year of Completion: 2020

Area: 400

Location: Bandung, Indonesia

Design Team: Vidor Saputro, Regina Leviana, Christian Halim

Clients: Raegan & Regina

Photography: KIE

Source: ArchDaily

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