Discover The Most Common Causes Of Clogged Drains

Every appliance in your home is connected to the drains, it’s the only way that the wastewater gets taken away and eliminated. The idea of drains is not new, sewer systems have existed since the middle of the 19th century. Of course, today’s systems are more advanced and the treatment centers more effective.

In general, you don’t need to think about your wastewater and products, they simply disappear. That is, until you get a clog, and are in desperate need of a good plumber Sydney.

Getting a plumber to resolve the issue for you is a good idea. Wastewater can carry an array of toxins that can make you seriously ill. It’s better to avoid them and let the professionals handle the matter. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be aware of the most common causes of clogs. This will help you to prevent them from happening.


It may surprise you but one of the biggest causes of clogs is toys that have gone down the drain. This is usually something that happens by accident and there is little you can do to retrieve them. Once the toy has gone past the U bend in the pipes you can only hope they disappear into the sewer system.

However, in many cases, they don’t. When they get stuck in the pipes other products can be prevented from passing, allowing a cog to build up.

Sanitary Products

Toilet paper and human waste are the only things that should be allowed down the toilet. If you flush sanitary products they tend to swell in the pipes and stick, starting a clog which will give you problems.

It’s safer to have a bin in the bathroom and place all sanitary products and other waste in there.


You may be surprised to learn that soap can cause clogs. Although it appears to melt when you wash your hands, this is a reaction to the heat. As it cools moving through the pipes, it hardens and the soap particles attach to hair. In turn, this sticks against the side of the pipes. 

The result is a very small clog which will building size as more soap and debris comes down the drain.


It’s not just the things you do that can cause clogs in your drains. Tree roots can be a serious threat to any drainage system. If you have a tree near your drains and sewer pipes you may find that the roots from the tree reach the drains.

When this happens the roots place pressure on the pipes and ultimately damage them.  Damaged pipes don’t allow the smooth flow of water and waste, allowing clogs to build up.

Action To Take

There are many potential solutions for dealing with clogged drains. However, the best approach is to avoid the clog n the first place. To do this you simply need to think before you put anything down the drains and, invest in a drain camera.

A regular inspection of your drains will ensure they are clean and clog-free, averting any issue before it starts.

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