• Dig into Different Masonry Crack and Their Solutions

    Several types of cracks occur on the wall of any building. Some of them are minor while some could be serious.


    The leading cause of the occurrence of the cracks is the downward pressure on the wall. There is another situation where the leakage of plumbing pipes can also cause damages on the wall of buildings. The other causes for masonry cracks are poor design, construction and maintenance. 

    The weather conditions also cause the cracking. It has been observed that the buildings present in the rainy areas are more likely to counter the cracking issue. That’s why before starting any construction proper planning of design and material considering weather conditions should be done to avoid any type of wall or structural cracking in the future.

    Types of Cracks:

    1-Expansion Cracks:

    Due to the increase in temperature, the metal present in the walls of the building may expand and give rise to the expansion cracks on the wall. These cracks are usually present near the door or window. The easiest method to deal with this type of crack is to fill the cracked part with subsequent material again.

    2- Masonry Cracks due to Subsidence:

    It is the most serious situation that can occur in a structural wall. The main causes for this situation is mining activity, leaking drainage and running sand. These activities cause the movement of the building foundation that leads to the formation of cracks on the wall of the building. It is a very serious issue. One should consult a structural repair company or structural engineer.

    3- Ground Heave:

    The expansion of clay subsoils leads to the cracks in the wall. If the clay becomes waterlogged, it can expand and force the wall of the building upwards. This upward force causes the formation of the cracks on the wall of the building. It has been observed that the removal of trees near the foundation of the building causes the ground heave that further leads to the cracks on the wall. You should consult a structural repair service provider to solve this structural problem.

    4-Gypsum Plaster:

    The gypsum plaster contains Sulphate that chemically reacts with Portland cement in the presence of moisture. This chemical reaction causes the formation of the cracks on the wall of the building. That’s why it is not recommended to use gypsum plaster with cement. It should never be used where the walls are exposed to the rainy water or running water like dams.

    5- Random Cracking:

    The random cracking can occur in any story of the building. The main cause for this masonry cracking is due to the chemical reactions of different materials used in the building walls and foundation. It is very cumbersome to find the cause of this type of cracking. You need to consult a structural and chemical engineer to get rid of this problem.


    Masonry cracking is an issue that needs to be addressed. There are many Atlanta Foundation  repair services that offer the solution to different cracking.

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