Yard games bring friends together for outdoor entertaining

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Outdoor games or Yard games are the most enjoyable moments that can be spent with family or friends. The yard games create lots of giggles, memories, and bonding. 

Plus, outdoor games can provide you with lots of Vitamin D3, which we get from sunlight. So, here some most played and loved outdoor games are given. Have a look.

Tall Man Hamburger Contest

The Tall Man Hamburger Contest is for hamburger lovers. The game is all about eating a giant hamburger. 

The player has to assemble tall hamburgers by piling them up with any condiment he/she finds. And then, he/she has to eat it. The first person to eat it completely wins the game. Such contests always prove to be challenging and fun among friends, making the friendship stronger.

Supersized Pong Game

Supersized Pong Game is one of the favourite giant yard games in the world. It has super-sized buckets which can be filled with water or sand. 12 buckets are organized in a triangular shape. 

Now, making two teams, one player from each team will try to put the ball in the opponent team’s buckets. The team which sinks balls in all of the 6 buckets wins. This family game can allow the family members to synchronize their bonding.

Candy Balloon Relay

Bursting a balloon has always been fun. Candy Balloon Relay consists of two teams. Each player should have a balloon with a piece of candy stuffed inside. 

Now, players from each team have to run one at a time to a designated spot, burst the balloon, eat the candy and return to the initial point to tag the next player. Believe it or not, this game can bring the members of a family or friends closer at a greater rate.

Water Balloon Challenge

The water balloon challenge is the best game for the summer holidays. The team should be in two pairs. Each player has to toss water-filled balloons back and forth. Make sure that all the balloons are of equal shape. 

Each pair should start close together and move back after each toss. The pair that stays longest without popping their balloon will win the game. This game is one of the most enjoyable summer games for family outings.

Ring Toss

Ring Toss is a game of aiming. It is very jovial and rejuvenating. Ring Toss game has some bottle-shaped object sets along with a set of rings. In this game, you have to aim and toss a ring around any one of the objects. 

If you succeed in putting all the rings around the objects, you win. These kinds of games are also seen in fairs with exciting prizes. Family members or friends can play it along with winning prizes, making it great fun.

Balloon Down

In this game, three balloons of different colours are needed. You have to tie them with weight and mark numbers like 5, 10, 1… on each balloon. Now, place the balloons with the lowest point in the front and arrange the rest in increasing order behind them. 

Each player will get 5 chances to hit them with balls and earn points. The highest point holder will win. This game is fun and establishes a great bond among friends.

Capture the Flag

Capture the flag is an amazing outdoor game. Two teams should be there. Each team needs to hide a flag or cloth napkin in such a way that the opposing team can’t find it. Now the challenge is to find the flag or cloth of the opponent team. 

Both teams will search for the opponent team’s flag. The first team to find a flag will win the game. Such a level of teamwork always brings family or friends closer.

Bocce Ball

Bocce Ball needs two sets of different coloured balls for two teams and a white ball. Each person takes two coloured balls. A person who starts throwing the white ball anywhere he/she wants. 

Each player now takes turns to throw his/her ball closest to the white ball. Whoever lands the coloured ball closest wins a point. After throwing all the balls, the team gaining the highest point wins. This game has developed great bonding among family members and friends.


Reaching the end of the content, we can say that the above-mentioned yard games are very famous and loved in the world. 

These games have proven lots of usability in creating bonds and bringing people together. So, spend every holiday with your family or friends by playing these games in your yard.