• Bunk Beds – Superior Space Savers

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    Discover how bunk beds can make any bedroom look larger. Bunk beds have evolved, and are now available in an array of configurations. A variety of ideas where they can be used effectively.

    Have you ever considered the idea of buying a bunk bed?

    There are many styles to accommodate your needs whether it be for your home, a dorm room, gift or a variety of other reasons.

    A bunk bed can be a fantastic solution for a room that has no space to spare. These types of beds can be extremely practical in many different situations such as a home where children share a room, a student dorm room, a business staff accommodation and even save a lot of space at the cabin or cottage.

    A bunk bed is found more often than not, made of wood, but can also come in metal. There are many types to choose from depending on what you need it for. Besides bunk bed, you will also need a comfy mattress. Check out this in-depth mattress buyer’s guide for your bunk.

    Types of bunk beds include L-shaped, triple bunk beds, twin over full bunk beds, standard and loft bed types. Also check out a trundle bed, which may be particularly useful for kids who like to have sleepovers, as it slides out from below your child’s existing bed like a drawer.

    These types of bed have the ability to make a small room appear quite large, and feel like that too.

    With a bunk bed, many people have a concern with safety. Well, before you purchase one of many bunk bed styles available, you want to make sure that it is sturdy.

    Some good quality stackable beds can support 400 lbs per bed, which means they are not only for children, they are also great for adults.

    Please take the time to inquire about the different lengths available for you, as they really are a great way to add space and style to a room in your home.

    bunk beds


    Bunk beds are frequently used as a child’s first regular bed

    If you are looking to buy a bunk bed, the chances are that it is not for you to sleep on unless you are a college student, for instance. It will probably be for your child.

    Bunk beds provide a great way to maximize the space in a room and are particularly for children’s bedrooms or large dormitories. Today, there are many different designs of bunk beds, meaning that it is easy to find a model to suit your own needs, and it is relatively simple to make your own too.

    If you are looking to buy a bunk bed, the chances are that it is not for you to sleep on unless you are a college student, for instance. It will probably be for your child. It is therefore important to weigh up the cost of the safety issue.

    bunk beds

    Bunk beds are frequently used as a child’s first regular bed after he/she outgrows a crib, either at about age 2 or 35 inches in height. Some bunk beds also are used separately as twin beds for older children and even adults. It is unlikely that you will be able to find a strong bunk bed for less than $150, and it can often be worth spending another $200.

    Top bunks must have at least two guardrails, one for each side. Lower bunks need no guardrails if the mattress foundation is less the 30 inches from the floor. On the wall side, or the side without the ladder must be one continuous piece.

    Each year, thousands of children under age 15 receive hospital emergency room treatment for injuries associated with bunk beds. Most of these injuries are fairly minor and occur when children fall from the beds. Horseplay frequently contributes to these accidents.

    Perhaps one good tip would be to buy a good quality bunk bed, which can be separated into two twin beds. This means that if you have two children who are sharing a room, they can easily move into their own rooms when the time comes.



    Bed Ideas Including Bunk Beds, Platform Beds And More

    bunk beds

    Ever noticed that bunk beds are the ultimate solution to needing room space.

    You definitely have to appreciate how they can make any room appear larger as they do not take up lots of space.

    We have the answers to your sleep and bedroom storage problems with our tips and valuable informative ideas here.

    Platform beds are also extremely versatile and easy to maintain. European designed beds are fast becoming a new standard in modern bedding because of their sleek appearance.

    You definitely will experience what they have to offer. Today for the price-oriented consumer you might want to also take a look at Murphy bed systems.

    The simple, elegant styling of modern platform beds makes them popular among discerning home-makers. With clean lines and strong joints, these pieces of furniture can provide you with a lifetime of style and value.

    Sleep systems provide you with top choices as you spend many long hours on your legs. Bunk beds bring warmth and style to a bedroom and are easily dressed to match any design around them. Your kids will love them. Murphy bed systems are also a very affordable solution.



    How To Buy A Loft Bed (Bunk Bed)

    Individuals of all ages choose to invest in a loft bed or bunk bed for their home.

    This classic childhood sleeper is quickly becoming a fun, inventive way for ‘tweens, teens, college students, and young adult hipsters to maximize their space without having to roll out a sleeping bag every night. When it comes time to shop for furniture, look to stores that specialize in bunk beds or loft beds.

    First things first, there is a major difference between bunk beds and loft beds

    bunk beds

    First things first, there is a major difference between bunk beds and loft beds. Bunk beds are the most common form of alternative bedding, with an upper bunk stacked above a lower bunk. Some bunk beds stack two same-sized mattresses horizontally, while others stack a twin bed above a full-size bed or even a futon that can serve as a larger sleeping or living area.

    Finally, other bunk beds create a playhouse type environment, with a top bunk running horizontally overtop of a vertically running bottom bunk. Some of these alternative bunk beds include stair steps and even slides, allowing the beds perfect for younger individuals.

    Loft beds feature elevated platforms for sleeping, leaving much-needed floor space below to place a desk, couch, or entertainment centre to provide extra space for living.

    Generally associated with cramped dorm rooms, loft beds are becoming increasingly popular with teenagers who feel cramped in smaller rooms and want to expand their livable space.

    Also, young adults are also elect to choose loft beds in first apartments that may have less than desirable sleeping quarters. Think of loft beds like the new, hipper version of the classic Murphy bed.

    When shopping for a bunk bed or loft bed, first consider the person that will be sleeping in the bed. For children, consider safety above all other aspects of the bed.

    Teenagers or young adults may want to focus on the size or the style of the bed more so than safety worries.

    bunk beds


    When dealing with children, be sure that the child is ready to upgrade to a “grown-up” bed before making the move. Children should be at least 35 inches long or two years of age before he or she should be moved to a bunk bed. Also, ground rules should be made regarding the proper conduct involving the bunk bed, since most injuries occur due to roughhousing or horseplay.

    Regardless of your age, you should ensure the bunk bed or loft bed you choose has two sets of guardrails and a sturdy ladder that can support your weight.

    The guard rails are critical, even though your bed may reside next to a wall. More so with children, but occasionally with teens or adults, bunk beds or loft beds without a guardrail next to the wall can cause the sleeper to slip between the bed and the wall during their sleep. Also, a guardrail on the other side of the bed is critical, since anyone can fall out of a bed while asleep.

    bunk beds

    For children, the guardrail should be no more than three and a half inches above the mattress. If the guardrail is too far away from the mattress, the occupant can slip between the mattress and the rail, resulting in a fall. Also, the guardrail should run at least five inches above the mattress to prevent the occupant from rolling over top of the rail.

    Keep in mind there are a variety of bunk beds and loft beds on the market. Younger kids may enjoy the activity themed bunk beds, while teens may desire a bed that incorporates a loft instead of a bottom bunk. Also, the size of the room is directly associated with the size of the bunk bed or loft bed. Although having a double or queen size bed may be luxurious in comparison to a tiny twin, but carefully think of the available space before choosing.



    Planning to make Bunk Beds on your own ???

    Bunk bed plans are design plans to build the perfect bunk bed. Bunk bed plans include do-it-yourself instructions to build a bunk bed out of wood. Some plans include just the bunks, while others also include plans to build drawers and other features.

    Bunk bed plans are design plans to build the perfect bunk bed. Bunk bed plans include do-it-yourself instructions to build a bunk bed out of wood. Some plans include just the bunks, while others also include plans to build drawers and other features.

    bunk beds

    Most bunk bed plans begin with the building of two twin size beds. Then the plan explains how to build the infrastructure and attach the beds. Some plans include instructions to use box springs to support the mattress rather than merely plywood. Such a design will make the bunk bed more comfortable for kids.

    When building a bunk bed, special attention must be paid to safety because the bed will not be subject to quality control testing like beds created in factories. Safety tips to keep in mind when building and/or maintaining beds created with you bunk bed plan begin with making sure the top bunk has guard rails on all four sides.

    It is critical to ensure that the mattress fits snugly on all sides of the bed and that the bed frame is sturdy. Finally, the ladder must be firmly connected to the bed.

    Bunk bed plans have several advantages. To begin, there is obvious satisfaction from your child, or someone else, sleeping in a bed that you constructed.

    Likewise, upon completed the bed, you will feel a great sense of accomplishment. Building your bunk bed also provides the ability for customization. You can select the type of wood, the finish, etc., as well as add ornaments such as hardware (e.g., handles) that meet your tastes and style. Finally, by taking extra precautions and care, it is possible for the bunk bed you build to be even safer than those created in factories.


    bunk beds

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