• Deck Cleaning: The Best Pressure Washer for Deck

    The pressure washer can effectively clean decks as it can clean even the smallest spaces between each wood board.

    Are you wondering why your decks aren’t as good looking as before? Or are you still stuck on using the conventional method of deck cleaning? That might be a real problem.

    An electric pressure washer from Hotsy Equipment Company can also clean hard surfaces like cement, same as the gas-type pressure washer.

    An electric pressure washer can also clean hard surfaces like cement, same as the gas-type pressure washer.

    A pressure washer is a machine that jets out high-pressure water to clean and remove mud, molds, dust, gum, dirt, or even grime. It is basically a hosepipe that uses a pump to generate a high-pressure water flow that immediately dislodges filth from surfaces and objects.

    If you want to consider the use of a pressure washer to clean your decks, you will have to consider the danger that this kind of equipment imposes. Pressure washers are sufficiently powerful to scratch bricks, etch the wood, and create splinters. However, for your safety, it’s important for you to remember that a pressure washer for decks must be lower than 1,500 pounds per square inch (PSI).

    These are things to consider when using pressure washers to clean decks:

    • Use the appropriate pressure depending on the type of materials used in your decks.
    • You must know the proper washing technique.
    • Know what type of pressure washer to use.
    • Choose the best pressure washer nozzle for your decks.


    Use The Appropriate Pressure

    The right type of nozzle can perform the job effectively and safely.

    You must know the durability and the quality of your decks before considering using pressure washers to clean them. Ideally, using a low pressure is recommended to avoid damage to your decks. Decks that use soft woods like pine or cedar only need approximately 500 to 600 PSI to be thoroughly cleaned. More durable woods may tolerate higher pressures, but you should not go beyond 1,500 pounds PSI.

    First, you must test the pressure and the effectiveness of your washer in a discreet area like stair treads. You can do this so that if you ever damage the wood, you can easily replace a stair tread rather than the whole deck board.

    Learn The Proper Washing Technique

    Even if you obtained the ideal pressure to clean your decks, without applying the right technique, the equipment can pose a high risk of damaging your decks.

    Below are the steps to properly use your pressure washer:

    • Use the pressure that doesn’t damage your decks.
    • Make a sweeping motion of the wand when cleaning.
    • Maintain a constant distance between the spray tip and the deck surface.
    • Clean the house inwards to outwards.

    Know What Type of Pressure To Use

    With this in mind, you might want to ask professional tips from experts who are experienced in using pressure washers. There are two types of pressure washers in the market; one is the Gas-Type Pressure washer, and the other one is the electric pressure washer.

    • Gas-Type Pressure washer

    These types of washers are heavy-duty pressure washers. They are recommended if you need maximum power for cleaning hard surfaces. This is not the recommended pressure washer for deck cleaning since it may only damage your decks because of its high-pressure capacity.

    • Electric Pressure washers

    Almost all pressure washers used in cleaning your decks are electric pressure washers. These kinds of washers are half the weight of gas-type washers, and they are considerably smaller in size which makes them handier than the gas-types. Electric pressure washers also have a lower pressure capacity which makes them ideal for cleaning your wood decks and other more delicate surfaces.

    Choose The Best Nozzle or Tip For Your Washer

    Choosing the right nozzle for deck cleaning is significantly important to provide rapid and effective cleaning of your decks. The nozzles dictate the pressure the water creates when it jets out of the machine. If you want the best pressure washer for deck cleaning, you’ve got to pay attention to the nozzle. Here are some types you need to be familiar with:

    • Zero-Degree Nozzle

    This type of nozzle provides a tiny and a very concentrated stream of water. This is used to clean hard surfaces such as metal and concrete. It is also not recommended on decks since the concentrated water can surely damage your decks.

    • 15-Degree Nozzle

    15-degree nozzles are mostly used for removing paints, dirt, and molds. This type of nozzle can be used on most surfaces. Hence, you can use it safely on your decks.

    • 25-Degree Nozzle

    These nozzles are only used to clean dirt and mud. They’re also used to sweep leaves away from your decks.

    The recommended nozzle to clean your decks is the 15-degree nozzle since it has the power to clean away paints and even molds that became stubbornly stuck. It also doesn’t pose any risk of damage to your decks.

    With all the guides and tips mentioned, choosing the best pressure washer for deck cleaning will be so much easier. Choosing an electric pressure washer equipped with the 15-degree nozzle and the right pressure washing technique will leave your decks free of all contaminants and dirt and bring back the shine and gleam.

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