A Chic Pad In Mumbai | Komal Sachdev designer and Planner

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A Chic Pad In Mumbai | Komal Sachdev designer and Planner

Komal Sachdev Designer & Planner designed this 1350 sq.ft 3.5 BHK A chic Pad in Mumbai.

Keeping in mind the taste and expectations of the Client and bringing design and functionality under one place is the key to our designs. Mr. Lalit Manghwani, our client wanted a contemporary and airy feel to his residence in Runwal Greens, Mumbai.

The idea was to use very neutral and toned down colors along with minimalist designs keeping it classy and elegant and just adding accent colors.The minimalist design makes the entire space look airy and spacious.  Materials like glass, mirror and gloss are added in various areas to create illusion of spaciousness.

Fact File :

Architectural firm:Komal Sachdev designer and Planner

Project type: Apartment Interiors

Area:1350 sq.ft

Location: Mumbai

Photography: Photographix

The entrance:

Generally, Indian families do not prefer black color and consider it a taboo. On the contrary, we have made the entrance in Black Mirror, breaking the BLACK MYTH, keeping it simple and minimalistic. Letting the color do all the talking.

Living Room & Kitchen:

The door opens up to a passage that connects the kitchen and the living room. A multi functional divider that serves as a platform on one side and a mini bar on the other side separates the Kitchen & the Living area.

The Kitchen has parallel platform in quartz and finished with Snow White acrylic look. Adding the Veneer to break the monotony and add elegance.

The Living room has Grey, White & Beige in furniture, walls and surfaces. Adding colors in Accessories and a Bold Bottle Green Chair breaking the monotony. We have added lot of textures in various surfaces.

Parent’s Room:

We wanted to make the Pad look very connected; hence we picked Beige and white for this Bedroom. Keeping it simple and using lines. The wall behind the bed has clean lines and grooves to add an element and focal point to this room.Again the textures are added in form of Laminates and Upholstery.

Master Bedroom:

The Mrs. Wanted to have dash of pink and rosegold, the challenge was to keep it bold yet elegant with minimal feminine touch. We went all the way unrestricted with the High Bed Back in Matt Beige Rexin. The herringbone backrest gives the bedroom a sense of hierarchy. Upholstered bed again gives the room an upscale yet warm feel. We have added dusty pink and floral to the bench and the cushions to meet the client’s desire, keeping the rest of the palette minimal with white. The huge mirror panel hides the door that takes you to a mini version of the walk in wardrobe.

Guest Room:

We have given this room a touch of warmth by adding undertones and Textured Wooden Laminate along with Grey.The Back painted glass in ochre beige gives the room a spacious feel.The texture next to the bedside is the highlight of the room.

This private residence was designed keeping in mind the contemporary and chic look, with the color scheme of white, grey and beige. Accent colors in each room is added in form of accessories, planters, lights and fixtures.


KSDP was formed in 2014, based in Navi Mumbai. The firm aims at creating spaces for better living experience.  Love for design permeates every project and often leads to innovative new uses for materials and processes. KSDP is known for it’s minimalistic yet elegant designs and concepts. They see interiors and design as vehicles for improving people’s lives and strive to find the best solution to any given brief.

Komal Sachdev, the principal designer of KOMAL SACHDEV DESIGNER + PLANNER has passed Interior Design from Nirmala Niketan Polytechnic, Mumbai in the year 2009. Her interest in art and craft since her early childhood has now taken shape in this profession. She is known for her ability to understand the Client’s taste and requirements. Knowing briefly about the client’s lifestyle and executing that in form of design is what she has been appreciated for.

KSDP is her pet project and her involvement in each project is equally present and hence KSDP takes 3 projects at a time to ensure quality service and dedication.

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