Inspiring and On Budget Outdoor Privacy Screen Ideas

Did you make the most of your outdoor décor? If not, or you are planning to do so, check out these outdoor privacy screen ideas and implement them to make things happen. Your outdoors is a place where you can relax, meditate and steal some valuable moments from life. It can be your patio, swimming pool, balcony, or even the backyard. You can install these screens with your own, check out installation method on mydiydecor. Hey, wait! Did you miss out on privacy while searching for the best outdoor exterior ideas? Don’t compromise your privacy for the eye-catching and chic exterior. Let’s get into it!

Why should you install a privacy screen?

If you are a beginner and don’t know how to choose a privacy screen, here, look at some of its benefits. 

  • It maintains your privacy!

Picking a privacy screen as exterior walls can never let you down. It increases your privacy, and you can easily do your important tasks, enjoy a cup of coffee or hang out with family. Sometimes, all we need to freshen up our mood is to sit in the open air and inhale the fresh atmosphere. So, you can sit for hours and no need to hesitate because no one can see you through this screen. 

  • It bright ups the structure!

Likewise, the home interior and exterior should be well-decorated, too. It marks an awesome impression on others. When your interior and exterior are well-defined, it brightens up the overall structure of your house. 

You can add frosted glass privacy screens to the exterior to maintain privacy with style, and you can maximize the positive vibes. What can be better than this? 

  • Enhances the charm of outdoor space!

These screens are meant to change your entire décor and add to the aesthetics of your house. Each type of privacy screen serves its best, and it’s a wake-up call for dull exteriors. 

  • It allows you to get creative!

You can play with different styles and décor ideas with the help of these screens. Also, you don’t need to decorate them like wooden barriers or a fence. 

Top 8 trending outdoor privacy screens ideas

So, for your home exterior, we have some striking outdoor privacy screens ideas. Check them out!

  • Go green with evergreen plants!

Installing plants as a privacy screen is a perfect option. It will keep your enjoyment and relaxation private, and the fresh green color will boost your energy. The addition of plants to an already fresh atmosphere is the icing on the cake. 

The only thing you’ve to be mindful of is to grow evergreen plants. They will bear all the weather and will stay fresh. That’s the top quality of evergreen plants. Also, you don’t have to spend time to time on privacy screens. 

  • Use frosted glass screen

Another brilliant option is to add frosted glass privacy screen as your home outdoor fence. Do you know what its benefit is? It’s a blurred glass that will allow the natural light to pass through but partially. Another thing is, the blurred glass makes one unable to see through this glass. That’s completely a privacy glass. 

  • Install lattice privacy screen for classic décor 

Lattice privacy screens are usually used for patios and gardens. You can opt for this option and hang small pots to create a breathtaking décor. If you don’t want to hang plants, then do some other décor; as you know, lattice privacy screens don’t completely block the view of another side. So, adding some other creative crafts like decorating it with ribbons, mini plants, colorful tin cans would be pretty much attractive. 

  • Did you ever install stained glass?

The stained or tinted glass comes in many coloring varieties to assist you in creating your style. You may have seen many glass barriers that are painted with different colors. The reason is simple: increase the privacy of the space with glam.

  • Recycle old wooden doors

Do you have some old wooden doors? If not, then it’s okay because if you need to opt for this style, you can buy old wooden doors from any second-hand furniture market. You can repurpose these old, long, and wooden doors to add them as a privacy screen. Simply clean the doors or even paint them if you want to do so. Join them with a strong adhesive and let them create a charming yet rustic outdoor style. 

  • Add on glass bottle screen

Well, that’s something new and chic. Gather bundles of glass bottles, paint some of them with different colors, and let some bottles stay uncolored. After that, attach them with a rod of strong rope and hang them to a fixed support. Make sure to attach these strings from both the sides, top and bottom. Otherwise, with the flow of air, they can collide and shatter. 

  • Repurpose old wood crates and create a garden wall

You might have saved old wooden crates in your storeroom, and it’s time to repurpose them. Make a privacy screen or wall with the help of crates. Make sure to use these crates without making any changes; you don’t need to polish them or color them. Attach the crates layer by layer, like three layers at the bottom and one on the top. This way, you create more storage to add plants and other useful stuff like coffee cups, magazines, sound systems, and books. 

  • Floating curtains

As far as a huge balcony is concerned, add white floating curtains to such space. That’s kind of sensational, and the bright white color will reflect more natural light and make you feel comfortable. 

In the end!

For better outdoor privacy screen ideas, mix the two ideas and implement them on opposite walls. Like, you can create a wooden crate wall by hanging some ribbons alongside the wall.