Cozy Up: Creating the Perfect Fall Bedroom

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Falling leaves, cool evenings, crackling fires. If you’re ready to leave the hot days of summer behind and enjoy some fall weather, you’re in luck. Autumn is right around the corner. And what better way to welcome the change of season than by redecorating your bedroom? Here’s how to cozy up your bedroom space so that you’re ready for those cool fall evenings.

Update your bedding

Most people switch to cotton sheets and lightweight comforters during the summer months so that they can stay cool. But now is the time to invest in flannel sheets and thick comforters so there will be no more cold nights this fall! You can create cozy fall looks by pairing a plain white comforter with a warm-colored fleece blanket, or by pairing dark brown sheets with a yellow or orange duvet. To add additional visual interest, add some decorative throw pillows or throw blankets. Look for pillows and blankets that come in warm colors. You can even add some interesting textures by looking for thick fabrics such as velvet, wool, or chunky knit. Transitioning your bedding over to fall colors and thick textures is one of the easiest ways to prepare your room for fall.

Add some fall accents

While you don’t want to clutter up your bedroom with decoration, you should remove any summer accents and replace them with decorations that remind you of autumn. For example, if you have a vase of flowers in your room, consider replacing brightly colored flowers with warm-colored flowers. Hints of red, yellow, and orange throughout a room can help make the space seem cozier. Tiny pumpkins, dried leaves, and bowls of scented pinecones also make great accent pieces.

Utilize your windows

If you have window seats, don’t forget to add some blankets and pillows to them so that you can cozy up while watching the leaves fall outside. If you don’t have a window seat, you can always place an armchair by a window so that you can still enjoy some cozy views.

Make it dark

Dark colors make rooms seem smaller and cozier. While you might not want to go to the extreme of repainting your entire room just for a season, there are other ways to add darker colors throughout your room with your bedding, curtains, and rugs. You can also play around with your lighting. If you enjoy snuggling in bed at night under the glow of a table lamp, replace the bulb of the lamp with a lower-watt bulb. Or if you’re not a fan of table lamps, hang twinkle lights up around your room. Leave your overhead light untouched for those nights when you want to be able to navigate your bedroom without squinting your eyes.

Add some candles

An additional way to play around with the lighting of your room is by adding some candles that you can burn in the evening. Look for candles that come in warm colors and that have cozy fall scents. Favorite fall scents include pumpkin spice, pine, vanilla, and apple cider. Thick pillar candles can make a bold statement, while smaller tealight candles can create a softer atmosphere. Don’t forget to grab some candle-holders to prevent wax from getting on your furniture.

Get creative with colors

Orange, yellow, and red are all traditional fall colors. However, don’t feel as though your color palette is limited to only these colors. Cooler grey tones, earthy colors, wood tones, and cream colors can all be paired with traditional fall colors to create some stunning visual looks. Dark shades of blue can also provide a cooler fall atmosphere if you prefer cool colors over warm colors. If you want to redecorate but aren’t crazy about the traditional colors, look online for inspiration on how you can get creative with the colors you’re using.

Throw some rugs down

Throw rugs are a great way to add a subtle accent color and to soften a room. Plus, they’ll keep your feet warm! If you already have carpet or rugs in your bedroom, consider adding some additional rugs for a layering effect. Choose a throw rug that is in a different texture or a different color than your existing carpet to help add another layer of cozy to your room.

Final thoughts

The hot summer days are soon going to turn into cool fall nights. If you’re ready to begin creating a cozy fall bedroom, look online for inspiration and start shopping! Soon you’ll be curled up under a thick knitted blanket while enjoying a cup of hot apple cider.

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