Counter Guard: Effective & Easy to Install Counter Sneeze Guard.

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 As a business owner, you must think of ways you can protect your employees and customers while they are on your premises. There are so many things that you can do. For instance, ensuring that fire extinguishers are within reach, ensuring that the staircase meets the construction code, and the ground is level. Protecting your employees will ensure they don’t have to take sick offs, which will affect the productivity of your business. More so, you do not want customers to catch the flu when they come to the reception: this might have a negative impact on your reputation. It is for this reason that you should consider installing a counter sneeze guard.

What is the Counter Sneeze Guard?

Sneeze guards are vital for businesses that offer essential services. This includes banks, grocery stores, pharmacies, and so on. The one thing they have in common is that the customers have to come face to face with employees to get the services. In the process, there is a possibility of the transfer of germs from either party. 

To ensure that the shopping experience is safe for the customers and customer service teams on the front line, the sneeze guards are installed to form a shield, while at the same time allowing the delivery of services. 

 Major specifications of Glass Sneeze Guard

 In order to adequately protect your work environment, especially with the emphasis of social distancing resulting from the emergence of the novel Covid-19, you must get the specifications right. Note that they come in different heights, width, thickness, and color properties. 

While making your selection, you should ensure that you get a guard that is able to protect you, and at the same time, allows you to serve customers efficiently. That is why clear glass is the most suitable material for this job.

The best height for the guards should also be at least 24” inch, but you can get guards of up to 36”. The ideal width can be anything from 24” to 60”. When it comes to the thickness, you can work with 6mm. Moreover you can learn about them at the following link Countertop sneeze guards should also come with support. 

Why is Glass Sneeze Guard Used?

Why should you consider having sneeze guards in your business or office space?

1. Protect staff working on tills or counters

The first reason why you should use a glass sneeze guard is for the protection of your staff, and customers too. They act as protective barriers in environments where there is possible contact with customers and other people. During this period, where there is the danger of the transfer of the novel coronavirus, protective sneeze guards would come in handy by minimizing and eliminating contact between people who visit your food outlet, bank, or pharmacy. 

2. Effortlessly sits on the countertop

The other reason why a glass sneeze guard is recommended for your business is that it blends in with your space seamlessly. Portable sneeze guards are simply placed on the countertop of the reception table and other areas where your staff will be interacting with your clients. More so, they will stay in position, and ensure that your staff stays protected at all times. 

3. Easy to clean

Glass is impermeable, making it very easy to clean and disinfect. Therefore, compared to other materials, it is very easy to keep it free from germs and viruses. All you will need for cleaning is a pair of gloves for your hands to avoid contact with germs, soap, water, disinfectant, and a piece of cloth. The fact that it does not absorb water or other fluids makes it easy to clean as regularly as possible to keep your environment free from germs.

4. It is clear

Glass counter guards are transparent, allowing you to effectively and efficiently serve customers while at the same time protecting yourself from the transfer of germs and viruses.

 How to install counter Sneeze Guard?

The other reason why you should choose glass for your counter sneeze guard is that it is effortless to install. Note that some sneeze guards come ready, and all you have to do is unpack carefully, and place it on the designated counter. These are usually hinged at the sides to create door-like surfaces at the edges, which you can adjust to create an enclosure for you or spread out to increase the surface area of the barrier. 

Some counter guards may require some work, but not so much of it. Here is a guide that can help you set up a sneeze guard in your business.

Materials and tools

Glass sneeze guard

Frame/ base




1. Unpack

Unpack the glass counter guard carefully to avoid breaking it. The frame and base will come with different wrappers too, remove them and set them aside. 

2. Screw the glass into the frame

Note that the guard may come in different shapes. While some may be spread out, others are made such that they can have enclosures. To get the job done accurately, compare the glass guards, and check which frames or base they fit into.

Once you have found the match, fit the glass into the frame carefully, and using the screwdriver, install the screws to secure it. Do that for all the other parts of the sneeze guard. Also, before securing, ensure that the pass-through is on the lower side of the guard.

If the materials come with a user manual, counter check to confirm that the completed project looks like the finished product on the manual. If there are any mistakes, fix them before setting the guard on the counter. After installation, you can wipe the glass using a microfiber cloth to eliminate fingerprints and other particles to give a clear view.

Installing a glass counter sneeze guard is an easy job. This is particularly because they are usually portable and are placed in the areas where they are needed. Most of the work will involve attaching the glass to the frame or base. Installing a guard in your business will offer you and your staff the much-needed protection, especially with the emergence of the novel coronavirus. Choose glass material as it will allow you to serve your customers effectively and prevent the transfer of germs.