Contemporary Bungalow flaunts Dramatic Views | Innerspace

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Contemporary Bungalow flaunts Dramatic Views | Innerspace

Luxury must be comfortable, otherwise, it is not luxury. This bungalow located in the heart of Indore has its astonishing persona seamlessly merging various kinds of spaces. The site lacked predominant views leading to the vital objective of creating focal points and gorgeous interactive spaces within the architectural boundaries. So, this contemporary style bungalow flaunts dauntless and dramatic views for the exteriors as well as the interiors.

Capitalizing on the pleasant climate of Indore, it was essential to produce outdoor space by the personal likeliness and style in the close of the esteemed clientele. The indoor-outdoor lifestyle in Indoor are perfect retreats for entertaining guests or relaxing, specifically designed according to the activity-driven lifestyle of the client.

State of the art design of the modern bungalow captures attention through its outstanding and magnificent elevation design. The projections combined with the prominent vertical element gives the facade a unique identity while providing a semi-shaded area for the terrace.

The bungalow has two generous private terrace gardens embracing the climate of Indore. Here Contemporary style is more and more blurring the outdoor and indoor boundaries with added ornamental plants making the spaces lively and pure. The sittings on the roof interestingly excite one’s senses and is truly a living pleasure for the homeowners. The fascinating terrace garden has interesting patterns which makes it even more relaxing and colorful.

The inner spaces are arranged in an open manner capable of any adaptation in the future. Starting with the posh living area with the beautiful ideology of innovating an environment best suited to the client’s lifestyle and personality. Emphasizing the mantra of timeless design, the open living space enjoys a lasting fondness of the minimal yet intricate detailing.

The dignified color pallet of rich browns and whites is very impressive. The interior wall and ceiling lights are aptly placed enriching the charm of the space. The latest Italian furniture and gold decorative elements have a crucial role here that gives an intriguing appearance to the room.

The classic dining space allows you to relish brilliant outdoor views while having your meals. The attention to the smallest of activities like locating the serving platform fused with the basin displays how intelligently spaces are planned here. Even if you see the chandelier it brings a voguish style statement to space. The tabletops are highlighting the contrast with this wonderful decor.

The very classy modular kitchen can be an inspiration for the modern style cooking. The beautiful island seems to be the most used area to cater the activities like having your gourmet meals or morning coffee peacefully.

The staircase area proposes the most show-stopping element, the glass bricks of different colors with little greenery make the space so alluring and lastly end with a skylight in the stair cabin.

The urbane bedroom interiors are exceptionally done with opulent colors, lightings, and crafted details. The master bedroom has an intimate feel bringing an instant glow.The extended balcony gives an exotic view to the room and lights up the entire space. The ceilings and floors are finished with a light white color to make it look as infinite as possible. The wooden finished wall panels blend well with the similar colored curtails. The satin bed covers and fur finishes give the instant comfort and extravagant feel in the bedroom. All the intricate details and soft-feminine hues can very well make such an elegant space.

The other bedroom is both modern and artistic space. The main element of art is the shapes derived from origami and transferred to the world map for the travel enthusiast space user. The textures and tints used in here are dark to give the space a sense of depth and intimate emotion.

The adjoining bathrooms with over sized bathtubs, separate showers, and sauna spaces makes it a very important destination for the bungalow. Each room is defined uniquely by encompassing minute details and language to the principal of these articulated rooms to represent themselves independently.

Fact File:

Firm – Innerspace

Principal Architect – Ar. Ajay Sharma

Project Location – Indore, MP

Site Area –7000 SQ.FT(Ground + 2 Stories)

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