• Construction : Privacy Fence

    In this world of transparency, where everything is put on display for everyone to see, where Everyman is keeping an eye on everything, we all yearn for a bit of solitude. Now, it need not necessarily be provided by four walls and a roof. A Patio, Backyard, Front Garden, Flower beds are some places where we like to relax more often than in the insides of the house. In these spaces, we may often require seclusion from nosy neighbors, their guests barring their pets from ruining your flower bed. A barricade defining our property from the neighbors is necessary. A fence is the most obvious and simple solution to these problems. Fencing can be categorized into three categories, i.e. Privacy, Functional and decorative. They create stunning garden boundaries bound to impress neighbors, family, and friends.

    Most Common fences are metal Chain-Link fence, Picket fence, wrought-iron fence, bamboo fence, etc.. Privacy fences are made from multiple types of materials, but the most popular types are vinyl or wood, metal. The material used to build the fence will determine any spacing that might crop up between slats, determining just how “private” the fence is. A stone-shade-tarp privacy fence or wooden fence would be more of a permanent and solid solution which requires comparatively more investment and upkeep from time to time. Similarly, any kind of metal fencing would be expensive as well as would require sanding and repainting every 3 years.

    The more easy, and the user-friendly solution would be putting up vinyl Fences along the periphery. There is no expansion and Contraction effect of weather on it, it’s eco-friendly. Providing a sense of privacy to the owners, it’s also an aesthetically viable option. A green-screen can be eventually developed with Climbing plants and cascading ground covers over it, enhancing the beauty of the Out-door spaces. Such exterior vertical gardens also give buildings great protection and insulation from temperature fluctuations, UV radiation, and heavy rain. In the summer, exterior vertical gardens use a process called evapo-transpiration, which helps cool the air around it.


    These Constructive fences can be used to isolate as well as embellish various spaces from a single open space, i.e. the Swimming Pool; deck area can be separated from the Open Lawn area where one is entertaining some guests. Protecting the flowerbeds and shrubbery from critters; who tend to destroy the saplings itself. Typically these fences are 4 feet to 6 feet high as per the choice and requirement of the owner and the neighbors.


    As it is rightly said “Good Fences make good Neighbours” – Robert Frost


     “The Fence and the boundary line are the symbols of the spirit of Justice. They set the limits upon each Man’s interest to prevent one from taking advantage of the other.”- Reinhold Neibhuhr


    Many of the plant enthusiasts, Horticulturists, farmers who have a small green house, or back yard farming or flower beds are at peace watching the plants thrive when spring sets in. But the worries are not far behind as the summers are just round the corner and in the tropical climates the sun is so harsh that most of the plants burn and in order to prevent that, we tend to double the watering, fertilizers for the plants, and a constant maintenance is required fr them to blossom.

    We can avoid all the fuss by putting on the shade cloth, temporary protection for the plants during this season protecting it from direct sunlight. This sheet’s cloth is treated to prevent oxidation, and because the strands are twisted, Aluminet will diffuse light from many directions, reducing the Greenhouse, farms, Balconies, flower-beds’ temperatures by 9-14%. These shades provide protection from the Sun and Harmful UV radiation. These Shades impact on the level and quality of light available to the crops, aiding to a controlled and favorable atmosphere for our green friends. Diffused light is better than direct light. Fluorescent and pigmented films can increase the proportion of good red light. For the Greenhouse, the Glass along with such a sheet cover induces better growth of the plants.

    During the nautical daylight hours or mild showers, if one wants to enjoy the outdoor spaces; Retractable awnings, permanent shades, Temporary roof coverings over the pergolas are quite versatile, and are an accessory to convert the Gardens, Backyards, Patios, Deck Pool and other outdoor spaces into a cool haven.

    A double awning is used as a temporary shade making a perfect place for alfresco dining. An awning is also used as an identity for shops, or as an overhang for the windows protecting it from weather or just as a decorative element attached to the exterior facade enhancing it aesthetically. Such shades are also used in parking areas to protect the cars from direct sunlight.

    Construction business is on the rise, every nook and corner you turn around something is getting built or something else is getting rebuilt. It does not pause for the favorable seasons, whether it be rains or winter, the building is being erected. During extreme climates when the work needs to be stopped a protective cover is required.

    Tarp sheets provide the necessary shelter for the work in progress. These sheets are fire resistant and translucent for weather protection. Also, at the Plinth Slab level, these heavy duty industrial sheets are used for prevention of water penetration from the ground to save the superstructure from water as well as termites. Renovation work is done in parts, thus such Sheets are spread on the floor and walls to protect them from getting damaged while the work is going on in other areas.

    Who doesn’t like a little adventure along with their camping and road trips? An Emergency backpack with a lightweight tarp tent, a fire starter, and a survival kit is what one requires. These tarp sheet tents are helpful in keeping the insides of your tent warm and dry in case of showers, it also has proven to be quick shelter to wait out the storm.


    -Rukhsar Rangwala

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