Eight Ideas to Transform Your Yard into a Beautiful Space

Your yard can be a great place to relax in, and an attractive thing to look upon; a work of art in its own right. You want an outdoor space that is beautiful, and one that your neighbors will enjoy looking at as well (after all, they live next to you and will be impacted by whatever you do to your yard). But do you know what you want that space to look like?

There are so many things you can do with a yard. It does not have to be all grass, unless you want it to be. Even then, there are many ways to create a beautiful space. Flower gardens are extremely popular, and there are many creative ideas you can incorporate into these. You are not limited to these two suggestions, however. Below are several others; other possibilities to turning your yard into that alluring space you want.

If you are not sure what you want to transform your yard into, here are a few suggestions to help you decide what your outdoor artwork can become.



This is the first idea people come up with when they decide to transform their yards in to places of beauty. The idea is not new, but the look you give your yard certainly will be. By adding flowers and shrubs to areas of your yard, you will be giving yourself and your neighbors a peaceful and attractive sight to look out on.

You can use themes based on colors, hardiness, annuals or perennials, heights or widths, and a variety of other techniques when planting your beds. Placement of these beds can go anywhere you desire. They can be planted along the sides of your house, extend out into your yard, along the edges of your driveways, around trees, or even as stand alone features in the middle of your yard.

If you are establishing a garden in the front yard, you will probably want to keep it relatively calm. You do not want your taller shrubs too high or your layout too wild. This may be unpleasant for your neighbors to see. Save your taller, more creative designs for the backyard where you typically will only have to worry about only you seeing it.

For additional enjoyment, you could include a getaway within your garden. More than just a bench surrounded by the colors of your flowers, build a small shed within the garden and turn it into a private retreat. This could be the place you escape to after a hard day and relax with a book while the wind blows in through the open door. You could also make this into a quaint little guest house for visitors to experience the quiet of the outdoors.


Water Features

Ponds and waterfalls are peaceful focal points to enjoy in your yard. You can dig one in to the ground or build one up in the center of a raised retaining wall or stone feature. You can built one end up higher to attain the waterfall that you are wanting.

There are premade forms available from home improvement stores and landscaping companies. Using them can be an inexpensive way of including a pond into your yard. If you would rather use natural materials to make your water feature appear as if it belonged in the yard, then you can go to construction sites or river beds and collect stones and rocks to use in your feature.

The sound of the water trickling or flowing down a waterfall would make for a great spot to sit in the evenings and relax. Watch the koi or goldfish flow steadily through the water, mesmerizing you into a calm state.


Rock Features

You can do the same with rock features as you can with waterfalls or ponds. If you can find some large stones or boulders, and you have a way of transporting them, then you can design an interesting sight in your yard. You can be creative with using various sizes, colors, and types of rocks in your feature. Center your piece around a single stone or throw them about at random and work from there. Put it all in a bed of pea rock or river pebbles and line the area with edgers of a similar style. You can even place a bench in your feature to sit and enjoy the outdoors. 

You can use rocks in a variety of ways, more than the central feature as mentioned. You can use them to create pathways. Instead of paver stones that you buy from home improvement stores, lay down some smooth, flat rocks and put them in the ground. Use them as edgers along your driveway or existing flower beds to add a mixture to your yard.



Lastly, you could always leave your yard just the way it is. By maintaining a thick, manicured lawn, you are sending a statement. You would much rather have the simple crispness presented by short grass edged along the lines of your house and driveway, the look only a professional lawn care service can provide.

If you view the flowers and shrubbery of a garden as clutter or the rocks as an eyesore or a waterfall as a waste of space, then that is your preference, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. There is much to be said about a beautifully painted house with wonderful accent colors along the windows and shutters, surrounded by a carpet of rich green grass.


Social Area

More for a backyard setting, you can create a space to host family and friends for social events. Obviously, a pool would be the first idea to come to mind. Everyone loves to hang out by the pool; in the pool on those hot summer days. If you have the space, this could be a great option for you.

Establish yourself as a master chef by converting your yard into the grill-out center of the neighborhood. Invite your friends over and hang out for the afternoon; feed them burgers or steaks from the focal point of the area: the grill! This is a great way to socialize; coworkers can let off some steam, neighbors can get to know each other, and family can irritate one another as only family can.

Create an awesome seating area; a place to sit and enjoy the breeze while chatting with friends and enjoying drinks in your hands. You could even string up some lights or some tiki torches for those nights when it is just too nice to go inside. Overhead trellises, some larger plants, and a couple of outdoor sofas would serve this area nicely.

For more outdoor fun, consider putting a fire pit in the center of your seating area. Keep everyone warm on those cool nights while everyone sits around sharing stories of misadventures. Relax under the peaceful stars and the crackling of the bright yellow and orange flames.

If not a fire pit, then how about a chimney? A stand alone chimney can be placed anywhere you want in the yard, and it can serve as a stunning backdrop for your seating area. Share a meal outdoors with close friends or loved ones while keeping warm from the heat of the fire.


Personal Retreat

For a more intimate outdoor area, consider converting your space into a retreat. You and your loved one can enjoy laying outside together on an exterior daybed. Read books, carry on close conversations; enjoy some personal time with one another. Fill the space with outdoor rugs and furniture that fits your tastes and gives you that feeling of closeness.

If you are able to, space permitting, create your own cabana. A low-lying couch with lovely curtains under a stylish roof can also make a comfortable space for the two of you to enjoy the wind and each other’s company.


Sporting Area

Convert some of your yard into a sporting area. Create your own volleyball area, sand and everything. Put up some goals on either end and have yourself a yard hockey or football arena. Throw in some seating along the sidelines to give it a more authentic feel, and so you can watch the games.

This is beautiful, not necessarily in appearance, but in community. Having a sports area in your yard can build friendships and bring people, family or neighbors, closer together. The enjoyment of life is what makes this space so special.



Of course, you can always do a combination of these things discussed above. Rock walkways through your garden keep a natural look to them. A pool with a seating area nearby is a great place to hang out after everyone dries off. A waterfall against the corner of a yard surrounded by low-lying grass can make a wonderful focal point. If you have a creative side then use it. Figure out which ideas you like the most and tie them together in an imaginative way.

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