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Luxury, warmth and grandeur. Our introductory brief was pretty much this for the Emèral House. We designed this space in a way that it should feel cosy, positive and inviting while the luxury part is being taken care of aesthetically. For this particular project, we were keen to use hues of emerald green, to achieve the look as per our Clients’ desire and to match with the existing garden and contrasting the context. Communicating luxury and elegance along with peace, rejuvenating and feeling connected to nature, Emerald green has such a soothing impact on our mind and more, hence the name Emèral. In sync with the exteriors, we tend to highlight the entrance wall through black and indirect lighting whilst the rest of the ceiling and wall stay matched to the original colour tones by the builder.

Communicating Luxury And Elegance Along With Peace | Scribble Studio

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Upon entering the one-sided curved stucco finished main door, the sight goes till the kitchen, crossing the whole length crossing the living and dining area. Living and dining areas pertain in the same open space but both retain their own space without losing their connection. Balancing out the tones of green, we used 2 coloured upholstery for the sofa, alternating their placement contrasting the backgrounds.

The huge pastel green curtain with dark emerald green threads match up with the sofa, door frame and TV wall. Clients wishing to use stone for the TV unit lead us to use one of the oldest Indian Green marbles, syncing with the existing concept. We loved the outcome and we couldn’t have chosen anything better. Keeping the complete wall & ceiling for Oyster grey stucco from Asian paints, to create a rich background & mild colour, we just used a dash of dark emerald green in the wall to frame out the sitting space and ceiling to match it with the main door frame. Parallelly, to link the one-sided curves on both the frames we made sure to curve an entire end of the ceiling to maximize the ambience light.

The dark or black tones of the green marble were balanced out with the use of black topped center tables and black blinds on the smaller window. The double heighted dining area was converted to normal height for some extra room space on the 1st floor. Dining and living area are placed over-looking the garden, allowing maximum natural light while the curtains are open.

Designing within the kitchen space provided by the builder with allowing them maximum storage was a challenge. Making use of the existing niche, ideally given for dining, we incorporated the store pantry within and displaced the dining to the middle of the remaining area while making sure of circulating space on all sides.

The Guest Bedroom is comparatively smaller than other bedrooms, so the major requirement was to suffice the requirements, while making the space look a little spacious.

We chose some lighter and mid-tones of grey in this entire bedroom to break the green monotony which already exists in some good quantum in the larger areas.

Landing on the 1st floor, there’s a small room which was created by covering the double height and is being used as a temple-cum-office space. Standing out from the whole residence, this space is a fusion of traditional and modern tones, colour and style. Reflecting our clients’ religion and one of the colours of Sikh religion, we used orange to make them feel divine with ivory and grey to connect the space to every other area. Enclosing this space using a fluted glass sliding door, we ensured the maximum light to enter into the passage.

Going on the left, we enter the son’s bedroom. As per his brief, blue colour was his 1st choice. So we chose to move the theme from green by a bit and match it with the house through the grey. This bedroom comes with a sloping roof and we thought of keeping the ceiling shape as it is with little design addition. Giving this space a royal and cosy feel at once, we chose to almost all walls blue while keeping the ceiling white with grey rafters to give a sense of depth.

At the same time we used a wallpaper blending with the wall, to get your attention to that only for gold while diverting your sight on the very rich and pleated bed back. The leather cladded sliding doors with different stitch on the wardrobe is the same as on the bed back to form a language with the similar coloured curtains. The grey fluted panels as pelmets and as a background for dressing, add to the aesthetics while breaking such a huge volume of blue.

TV Cabinet in opposite to the bed, catches your attention for the grey and gold again breaking the blue and matching with the language.

Master bedroom consists of arches and green with ivory and gold. Again matching this space with the rest of the house, we thought olive green could warm up the space.

The Arches on both sides of the walls were added on purpose to contradict the linear elements, thus making the room look more interesting and dynamic. To balance and subtle out the space, we used ivory colour with olive green. The metal or gold bordering the necessaries, adds luxury and make it look grand with a single large glass light hanging by the side.

Though at majority of places, we tried to keep the gloss levels very down using solid laminates to impart colour and blend it with the area. We loved how monochromatically balanced the place looks even with the use of such colours. It’s very easy to relate that everything in the place holds connection to something, may it be the pattern, color, finishes, upholstery, etc. And that’s what we like since it never fails to make us feel a connection throughout space as a whole. If we are to define the areas, they are different for one another yet they are synced, they are bold yet subtle, coloured with a blend of materials & finishes yet balanced.


Designed by : Scribble Studio

Project Type : Residential

Project Name : Emèral

Location : Avadh Utopia, Vapi

Year Built : 2022

Duration of project : 2.5 months

Plot Area : 3000 sq.ft

Built up : 2500 sq.ft

Project Size : 1800 sq.ft

Project Cost : 50 lac

Principal Architect : Dhaara Vora

Team Design Credits : Nirali Mistry

Photograph Courtesy : Prachi

Products / Materials / Vendors : Finishes – Royal Touche / Wallcovering / Cladding – Asian Paints Stucco Lighting – Light inside / Paint – Asian Paints / Hardware – Hettich.

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