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Common Mistakes Made When Renovating Your Kitchen

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The kitchen is not only the cooking spot of your home but a hub for many gatherings involving family and friends.  You may have adorned the living room with all your favorite designing ideas, but when it comes to savoring the delicacies, you have to head towards the kitchen. Often, you will love to spend the choicest moments with your kids in the kitchen while discussing the progress of their projects and studies. Across the world, the kitchen counter is one of those places where the family members love to assemble. No wonder the kitchen is one of those parts in the home you need to make highly functional and also incorporate a bit of warmth in it.

Getting started with the renovation

Although Kitchen Cabinet Renovation results in value addition of your home, the gumption to make it extravagant has always remained a priority of the customers. There may be numerous reasons to update the kitchen, but figuring out how to go about with the makeover can help you to avoid some of the expensive mistakes down the line. Right from the pitfalls in design to the choice of appliances and materials, anything can go wrong in the projects.

Here are a few things to remember while renovating the kitchen.


  • Renovation work alone

The first mistake you make is to plan the work of renovation alone without consulting an expert in this field. With the help of the professional, you will not miss out the finest aspects of remodeling the kitchen and the finishing tasks that make it in the way you want.


  • Lack of space on the countertop

One of the biggest mistakes you may make while renovating the kitchen is not to keep enough space on the countertop. Even though you want the countertop to be glitzy and decorative, it is wrong to ignore the functional aspects.  Therefore, you must have adequate space on the countertop to use it for your needs. On the other hand, the space you leave here will depend on the size of the kitchen and the budget available.


  • Ignoring the storage space

While thinking about the bigger aspects of kitchen renovation, you may miss out on the storage features and the small additions such as the drawer dividers and the expansion of cabinet. Not creating more storage space in the kitchen whether inside the cabinet or outside will lead to a clumsy feeling while preparing the meals. Furthermore, it is going to help you to save money if you are not ready to add more to your budget. Your kitchen will include lots of stuff, so the odd shape of the cabinet door, which may be highly decorative is nothing more than a bad decision. If your kitchen is small, and you want to avoid going to the options of expensive built-ins, not having enough storage space is a big mistake.


  • Not connecting the storage, sink and stove

When it comes to the sink, stove, and the refrigerator, you have to maintain a balance between the three and ensure that there is unrestricted access to all the three areas. While the sink is one of the most frequented areas, you might have to move through a flexible area that establishes a connection between the three. Be sure to avoid unplanned islands, bad door swings, and narrow aisles that restricts the direct access to these three areas.


  • Protecting the other rooms

Kitchen renovation is a big task, so you must avoid the work of remodeling without removing the debris and the paint drips that may affect the rooms in the surroundings. Believe it or not, it will help you mitigate the cleaning issues that emerge after the completion of renovation work.


  • Staying within the budget

When you plan for the work of kitchen remodeling, it is only normal to become overwhelmed with the tantalizing décor options. It is good to decide prior to the work the features that are to be included in the kitchen mandatorily. Remember that the cabinets can take a major slice of the entire budget, so plan ahead and move.

You must choose the kitchen appliances at first before planning the design of the countertop and selecting the cabinets. Proper planning can help you to accomplish your objectives of kitchen remodeling work.

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