• Fencing Tips That You Shouldn’t Skip

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    Experts in DIY have compiled several fence installations tips you must include, to ensure that you get the most out of such DIY installation. The following tips are some of the most essential you should consider right now.

    Make Sure it Sets Before Sealing

    Once the fence installation is complete, it is important to allow some minutes to pass by to allow the fence dry out. Some finishes come with the fence from the manufacturer and when you try to stain and apply some preservation substance on the wood before it dries, then the product you apply wouldn’t be absorbed into the wooden fence. Allow the fence to dry and then apply your preservatives or stain to ensure that the fence last longer.

    Hang the Fence on Solid Hinges

    Many homeowners do underrate the importance of hinges when it comes to fence installation. Keep in mind that hinges and posts are very important to hold your fences. If for instance, you have a pressure-treated fence which can be a very heavy fence type especially when it absorbs water, then you must set the post deeper with cement surrounding them. Make sure you install the right hinges size to hold the entire weight of the fence.

    Don’t Over-span the Fence Sections

    Once the post has been set and depending on the type of fence, you will surely have to bring in the sections, and then attach them in-between the posts. Since the fence sections normally come between 6 to 10 feet in length, you need to avoid setting the posts at more than 8 feet apart. If the posts are set too far apart, then the section will have little or no support. When the fence sections don’t have sufficient support, then wind damages may occur.

    Know Your Lines Before You Fence

    Once you have chosen the type of fence you want, you must know where the fence line will be erected. You must have your property surveyed first before the fence installation. Experts recommend that you have a property survey once in every 3-5 years, then the survey should show your property line where your fence can be installed. With the property line in place, you will avoid any legal implication of installing a fence beyond your property live. Hire JHD Ecological contractor for your convineance.


    Whether you are building a fence to protect your household from invaders, or you want to increase the value of the home, especially when you plan to sell it in the future, a fence is a structure you must have a structured plan for. Make sure the fence post is at a minimum of 2 feet into the ground. You may want to have a third of the post into the ground for more stability. Make sure you check your local installation codes, for the digging of the posts and the installation of the fence itself. You may want to seek the services of a professional fence installer as oppose to Do-It-Yourself (DIY) approach for a better result.

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