Retail Hub –Modern Aesthetic & Functional Finesse | AS Architects

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Retail Hub –Modern Aesthetic & Functional Finesse | AS Architects

Mumbai-based Architectural Studio AS Architects unveils their design for a 1275 Sq. Ft Luxury Décor venue that is the amalgamation of chic design sensibilities & the quintessential ambiance. 


Located in the acclaimed design retail hub – Laxmi Industrial Estate of Mumbai, the Blancora store makes its presence felt in its context kudos to its stark design narrative & functionality. This G+1 structure was completed over April to July 2019 & was a resultant of many design challenges that were decoded.

When the Principal Designerstook on this assignment, they chose to be inspired by the brand’s tagline – “Every art has a story.” The motivation fueling the process became the need to create a space that acts as the perfect vessel to exhibit curated items while offering an unmatched user experience.

“The client’s brief was precise & concentrated on creating a comprehensive layout of spaces that were classic, Vaastu compliant& that was packed with plentiful storage facilities without looking visually cluttered.”, shares the Designer.  Layout-wise the store is split across two floors which are sectioned into zones for various display genres. The display solutions have been ingeniously conceived & have been executed as an organic part of the layout.

The ground-floor anchors curated décor items that have been blended into the design scheme, allowing one to envision the pieces in their unique setup. White PU & Wooden finish units dot the floor area & add to the neutral tone interior grammar which is further enhanced by the presence of the custom screen-printed grey & white patterned flooring. The central spine of the ground-level has tiered display pedestals which add to the minimal vibe of the space while being storage-efficient. The sleek staircase & almost every other structural element have also been used as a canvas to display the array of products at the store.

A house-shaped display unit visible from the outdoors on the mezzanine-floor suggests that this floor hosts décor & accessories perfect for children’s spaces. A composition of half-cut turning leg tables protruding from a wall surface has been utilized as an innovative display option which reigns in a pop of pink & blue hues. This floor additionally also incorporates the plush glass cubicle which is the director’s cabin. A rug ladder and bed linen display nook are an integral part of the floorplan & maintain the flow of spaces.

The built form makes an iconic statement while capturing the intrigue of market visitors who’d be drawn right in, thus bringing about a surge in the footfall at the venue. Ivory hued walls frame a clear glass façade & provide seamless views of the interiors, making it an inviting visual. “An ensemble of numerous three-dimensional diamond motifs strewn across the elevation, portrayan illusion of raining diamonds that embellish the façade wall. These motifs create an engaging play of light & shadow and wash the form in a dappled light at dusk.”, adds the Architect.

Blancora acts as a vanguard of design that is symbolic of modern aesthetic & functional finesse. The store has an endearing quality at an interior & exterior level that gives it a unique standing in the bustling nucleus of the city’s design-based retail circuit.


Fact File:

Project Name –Blancora

Designers –Ayesha Sheth& Ar. Ankit Shah

Design Studio – AS Architects

Text Credit – Lavanya Chopra

Photography Credit – Ar. Ankit Shah

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