Clean-Lined Contemporary and Soulful Living Space for this Residence in Gurgaon | Storey Tellers Design Studio

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A mix of luxury and simple colour-play formulate an elegantly quirky ensemble in the heights of Gurgaon city. Situated on the twenty-fifth floor of DLF The Ultima, this three-bedroom residence belongs to a young millennial couple. When Storey Tellers Design Studio conceptualised the interiors for this space, they focussed on the new age requirements of the clients while also keeping in mind their living space design sensibilities. The home, as a result, attests to the fun yet sophisticated personality of the couple.

Clean-Lined Contemporary and Soulful Living Space for this Residence in Gurgaon | Storey Tellers Design Studio

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Conceived in a way that treads lightly on the eyes, the entire layout has a vibrant and free-spirited flavour. Pops of colour are intended to highlight certain elements throughout the home, which are situated in a composition of contemporary tastes. The rooms, each with an attached balcony, are conceptualised using modern elements in unique, complementary colour palettes.

Immediately upon entering the home, one is welcomed into the living space which is set in soft pink shades. The softness is balanced by the dark tones of a backlit entertainment unit. Standing across the room from the couches, it comprises a TV and shelves displaying the family’s collection of art. A geometric patterned rug beneath the nesting coffee tables brings a contemporary twist to the space vis-à-vis the classical wall trims behind the sofa. Vivid blue ottomans and wall art set off the blush tones dominating the space.

Past the seating arrangement, a partition of rose-tinted mirrors held in gilt metal frames visually separates the entire volume into the living space and dining areas. The floor-to-ceiling installation acts more as an art piece than a physical barrier, lending a cheery temperament to the space. In the dining area, set around a back-painted glass topped table, stands a bar unit and a display cabinet in dark tones consistent with the entertainment unit. The bar anchors the space with high chairs that can be used to sit and enjoy the sweeping outside views with a drink in hand.

The backsplash in both units is finished with rose-tinted mirrors that continue the theme from the partition, offering splashes of chrome as accents in the soft colour palette of the space. Gossamer white drapes diffuse the daylight flooding the common areas, accentuating the spaciousness of the rooms – a quality which is also realized through an artful play with heights and proportions.

The second guest bedroom is tastefully washed in a sage green colour that takes centre stage in the furnishings. A floor to ceiling mirror faces the entrance to the room, visually drawing out the space from its physical bounds. A rounded-corner headboard in a pistachio shade stretches out to the far edges of both bedside tables, hosting panel attachments for bedside lamps and switchboards in stark black. Over the headboard, the entire wall features trims in an angled pattern, adding a unique design element to this room while simultaneously tying into the rest of the home.

The guest bedroom is dominated by varied shades of blue, colouring the bed frame in a vibrant hue, and shifting to a powder blue on the back wall. The delicately textured wall serves as a serene backdrop for the starburst patterned headboard. In contrast, most of the millwork is finished in a milky white palette. A simple lamp hangs over the work corner that looks out over the balcony and is illuminated by daylight filtering through sheer curtains.

Upon first entering the master bedroom, one is greeted by an expanse of coral. A fluted wall panel reaches down from the ceiling to a lean TV console which extends along the wall which then steps up a level to create a floating vanity. The fluted coral fascia also details a contemporary crown moulding above the bed. The bedside tables tie into the dynamic use of fluted panels across the room and customised textured paint and upholstery bridge the gap between the different elements of the rich, yet calming colour scheme.

The layout enables easy circulation and achieves a balance of volume through an expert choice of colours, finishes and textures. Echoes of material and tones extend throughout the space, bringing together all of the varied spatial elements. Straight lines punctuated by curved forms in panelling and furniture profiles add to the quirk of the space, also brought in by the artwork displayed around the house. In its carefully experimented aesthetics, the residence represents the urbane, cosmopolitan outlook on life of the young family it is designed for.

Fact File

Designed by: Storey Tellers Design Studio

Project Type: Residence Interior Design

Project Name: The Ultima(te) Residence

Location: Gurgaon, Haryana

Year Built: 2020

Duration of project: 6 Months

Project Size: 2100 Sq.ft

Principal Designer: Komal Rustagi

Team Design Credits: Tanbeer Kazi & Prakash Srivastava

Photograph Courtesy: Tarang Goyal

Firm’s Website Link: Storey Tellers Design Studio

Firm’s Instagram Link: Storey Tellers Design Studio

Firm’s Facebook Link: Storey Tellers Design Studio

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