Characterizing Leisure Living with Contemporary Architecture | i2a Architects

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Gradual evolutionary shift in perception of living spaces is an evident one. The Hub, a leisure house and a fine example of contemporary architecture explores horizontality with mindful space planning. Inclusion of the courtyard is only indicative of the fact that it is the habitants trying to incorporate living spaces amidst the nature, the exteriors but also a realization of the psychological impact of natural forces on built matter and its residents. ~Yamini Vaswani (Editorial Team)

Characterizing Leisure Living with Contemporary Architecture | i2a Architects

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A single-storey, three-bedroom dwelling around an open, sky-lit courtyard on a beautifully landscaped 17 cent site. In recognition of the central courtyard that serves as the epicenter of the project, the house is named The Hub. All private and public places are tactfully isolated on either side of the courtyard. The structure is a hymn to a minimalist yet contemporary approach to architecture.

Our clients, established in Dubai, considers this house as their vacation home, where they can unwind and relax. Abundant ventilation is a salient feature, characterized by circular vents throughout the design, making it an identity of the residence.

As you enter the formal living room, you are separated from the rest of the house by a skylit courtyard. In addition, you are guided to a passageway indicated clearly via patterned floor tiles, which connect to the private bedrooms. Lined with linear skylit courtyards, these passages provide ample ventilation that contrasts their narrowness. Two bedrooms look out into the central courtyard offering visual connectivity to the opposite end of the residence that houses the public areas.

Departing from the entrance to the private area, you can access the public area from another walkway overlooking the courtyard through louvers and circular vents. This follows an open plan with the kitchen, dining area, and living area along with a wash and a common toilet. Surrounded by natural light and lush greenery, the living area provides maximum access to the courtyard via a patio within the open space. Circular vents are also installed on the surrounding walls of the courtyard to provide effective cross ventilation throughout the entire house. There is a unique sense of connectivity within the interiors due to minimal walls and linear arrangement of the living, dining, and kitchen spaces. The kitchen has a sliding door which when required can segregate it from the rest of the house. 

In an attempt to mask the kitchen and formal living from the public view, a dummy wall has been installed at the façade. In addition to adorning the circular vents, this wall contains a courtyard within itself and the indoor areas. A water body has also been incorporated within this area which contributes to the effective cooling of the residence, coupled with large openings and circular vents on selected walls throughout. 

Exteriors and interiors typically use cement finish and cement tiles, along with UPVC windows. With feature walls accenting the dark gray cement finish, and interior walls painted white, the color palette is rather monochromatic. This pristine and simple home is furnished with all wooden furniture, complemented by the restrained material palette as well as the greenery within and outside the house. This creates a rustic and tranquil atmosphere, appeasing to the clients’ interests narrowing the focus on natural light and movement across interior and exterior open spaces rather than unnecessary ornamentations. The exterior area within the entry to the site and the residence is landscaped with Mexican grass, shabad  stones, cobble stones, and several tropical plants. A garage is placed within this area such that it blends with the façade of the house.

The Hub, illustrating a solid and bold façade, contradicts its relaxed interiors, with every void overpowered by greenery and natural light. A breath of fresh air, this home seamlessly incorporates open spaces into built ones, renouncing the joys of everyday life and sustaining its opacity to the environment.

Fact File

Designed By: i2a Architects

Typology: Residence Architecture & Design

Project Name: The Hub

Location: Kerala

Built: 2022

Durations: 2 Years

Project Size: 2500 sq.ft.

Project Cost Appx: 1 Crore

Principal Architects: Manuraj C R

Design Team: ER. Amal Suresh

Photography Credits: Turtlearts Photography

Products and Materials: Lighting: LEDLUM | Sanitary ware: Jaquar | Windows: UPVC Kings | Furniture: Yellow Petal | Flooring: Simpolo | Paint: Confitte

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