Changing your home design? Here’s what to know

Technology might have taken over everything but certain things need personal attention and planning. For instance, you can use technology to make a construction plan for your house but the interior décor needs your own intervention. No matter how much you have to work hard, it is hard to resist the temptation of redecorating your house. Transforming your home from top-to-bottom cannot only be overwhelming and time-consuming but will also be very expensive.

If you are moving to a new house, you might already have hired the best out of state movers and looking forward to have a grand relocation. However, it is recommended to work on the upgrades first to give the house a personal appeal. Upgrading your home can uplift your lifestyle and even making some small changes in the décor can make a big impact. These changes do not need any professional help as DIY style is the best way to give your house a new feel and ambiance. Though every individual has his own taste when it comes to home décor, some common tips can help you in redoing the look of your house.

Why change your home design

There can be various reasons behind redoing the interior design of your house. The most common reason behind redesigning is the monotonous look of the house. Sometimes we want to have a fresh and different home atmosphere as we get bored of the placement of furniture and other items in a certain way. Many people feel happy by making small changes in the placement of the same goods and others want a full makeover of their house and this depends upon individual choice. Sometimes people have to decorate their house due to relocation. While some people take the help of the professionals, others prefer DIY-style interior designing. Here we are presenting some tips and tricks that you can use to have a fresh look at your old house.


The first thing that can make a major impact on the look of your house is to repaint it. While repainting your house will give it a new look you will also get a black canvas to place and hang items of your interest and taste. It would be easier for you to think about the placement of both your new and old decorations. You can mix and match both ethnic and contemporary designs and have an entirely different feel. Do not follow the latest trends blindly and make sure you add colours and things of your choice as your house reflects your personality. 

Switch Plates

It may sound insignificant but changing your switch plates can give a new look to every room of your house. There are plenty of designer switch plates available in the market or you can simply use colourful wallpapers to cover them. You can use wallpaper with similar or in contrast designs and colours with other decorative pieces in the room. So consider changing switch plates or giving them a new look by using high-quality wallpaper. Make sure you cover the switch plates nicely and neatly. 

Get Designer and/or Huge Wall Clock

The best way to make your living area bright and eye-catching is to hang a huge wall clock on the bigger wall of the room. Vintage big wall clocks are always in trend and give a classic look to your room. The living area is the right place to use such clocks as that is the most used place of the house and minimal yet elegant decorative items are easy to maintain. 


Right lighting enhances the beauty of a house so it is important to work on the selection and placement of the right kind of lighting when you plan your decorations. Statement lighting does not only add grace to other items in the room but also looks very elegant. You can use chandeliers, floor lamps, sconces, and pendants in different areas of the house. For instance, a beautiful beige-coloured floor lamp shade would go perfect on the side of a bright-coloured sofa. You can also use garden lights to brighten up your balcony area and hang ceiling lamps in your dining area above your dining table.

Carpets & Cushions

Runners and carpets have always been a part of our houses and they can bring a noticeable and impactful change. You can change the look of a room by merely changing the carpet and placement of some items. Consider getting a dark-coloured carpet if you have an earthen colour sofa or a light-coloured carpet if your sofa is of bright colour. Similarly, you can place bright and colourful cushions over a light-coloured couch and golden or beige-coloured cushions over a dark-coloured sofa or couch. Changing your curtains can also completely change the look of your house. 


We can never underestimate the power of nature in every field of life so adding a few indoor plants in designer pots will not add life to your house but will also bring in healthy air. Some plants are known for having air purifying qualities. So, make sure you place some beautiful and useful plants at various corners of your home.