• Caring for Your Asphalt Driveway Made Easy

    Asphalt truly makes your Brisbane driveway look sophisticated. The dark color of asphalt makes your driveway pop out especially if it’s done by experts. That’s why many residential and commercial driveway owners prefer using asphalt Brisbane products because they are durable and have a longer lifespan.

    Asphalt is also cost-effective and flexible. It is also hardier during winter, meaning it is less likely to suffer damage from rock salt and ice melt. 

    Maintaining Your Asphalt Driveway

    Here are ways to maintain your driveway so it can last even longer. 

    1. Seat coating your driveway

    Nothing beats asphalt driveways Brisbane homeowners use because it is sealed with high-quality materials. But make sure you seal your driveway within its first three years. This protects and prolongs the life expectancy of the asphalt pavement. It protects the surface from damaging UV rays or even from vehicle fluids and even water. Seal coating helps you save money. 

    2. Be sure to keep water away

    Water is such a big no when you have an asphalt driveway, especially polling, and standing water. Once water finds a way to penetrate into your driveway, it will easily cause wear and tear. Also, expect that major damage may occur if water mixes with oil and antifreeze. Be sure that the asphalt Brisbane product you use is also of high quality. 

    3. Take care of the edges

    The edges of your new asphalt driveway may still be sensitive and may fall off any minute. You can stop this from happening if you backfill the area thoroughly with topsoil. This helps prevent the edges to break and crack and the beauty of your asphalt driveway is maintained. When you drive over your asphalt Gold Coast driveway, make sure not to drive over the edges to maximize its potential. 

    4. Let your driveway cure completely. 

    If you want to enjoy your driveway and make it last longer, make sure to wait at least three to five days after installation before using it. Even after a few days, there’s no guarantee that the driveway is fully cured and it may take up to a year. But provide support whenever heavy vehicles would pass through. 

    Try DIY Driveway Repair

    You can also maintain your asphalt driveways in Gold Coast or Brisbane on your own. If you see any split or crack on your asphalt, be sure to get the right product such as a crack filler or cold patch products. 

    Regular cleaning of your driveway really does wonders. Don’t let any loose gravel or dry leaves stay on your driveway. Hose them off or power-wash to clear the asphalt of any debris. 

    Don’t repair your asphalt during colder weather for a good bond. Tamp down the asphalt on two occasions. The first is when you’ve filled the hole or crack almost to the top and the second time is after filling the hole slightly to the brim. Then seal afterward as this keeps moisture away. You can also op to reseal the entire driveway just to keep it in tip-top shape. 

    But if the task seems a bit overwhelming, don’t hesitate to contact professionals on asphalt Brisbane has these days. They have the right equipment and proper training to take on the task. You can also visit for more details. 

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