Building a team to help with designing your office space

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It’s a wonderful time for the creatives to get to work when your company is ready to move into a new office space.  You may have the luxury of building the entire office from scratch or you’ve bought an already existing office.  It could also be that you’ve decided to rent an office space.  Either way, whichever you choose will give you a fresh start at designing something unique that reflects the atmosphere and company culture.  It is also a space that your customers and business to business conversations happen and you want it to be one that is a good experience and where people walk away feeling impressed and as if they are in safe hands.  This sense of confidence is more important than you may initially realise.  There are a couple of ways to go about designing your new office space.

Professional team

It can be pricey but is often very effective and efficient to make use of a professional team to handle the design.  They can offer you end to end solutions, from considering building plan blueprints to giving you design options to sourcing the materials used for the final installation.  Commercial fit-outs Parramatta will be based in your area if you are operating in Parramatta and can easily come to your premises and walk and talk through design options.  They will have a portfolio of previous clients that you can use to help spark ideas and thinking.  You can also explain what the vibe is that you’re wanting to create, and they can advise on ideas that would work to fulfil that.

Get the creatives going

You will be surprised at how many people in your office, even the unlikely accountants, are keen to get creative if they’re given the scope to do it.  You could arrange a temporary office design team who can brainstorm and share ideas of what they think is cool and what would be practical.  It is a form of crowdsourcing ideas and it doesn’t cost you.  If you let the creativity flow and then channel it into a final design or two, you can have something lovely that your staff has been actively involved in and which has also been considered from an employees’ perspective.  Because of that input, it will offer practical solutions that also

Other office ideas

Spaces to relax and spaces to enjoy should be factored into the designs of your office space.  A hard-working environment can still be integrated with an environment that facilitates a reduction in stress and a place that is a pleasant experience.  Open spaces and with fresh air and greenery and some water features are always good.  The ambiance will be relaxing, and the fresh air and natural life are always good for the mental space.  Having places that people can enjoy is also a good idea, this could be either a drinks bar for Friday evenings or some table tennis or foosball games set up for quick work breaks.

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