• 4 Tips on selecting the best office chairgs

    People love comfort, but they don’t like spending too much. When a tight budget comes, designs or ergonomics of office chairs will be far behind. But why these two matter? Good office chairs with fair prices promote productivity and back health according to many ergonomics studies done before. If employees have to not only endure (since most of us do not like) working all day long, but also suffer the pain of sitting in chairs, how long do you think your employees would stay? Thus choosing an office chair matters a lot for the sake of your employees’ satisfaction. Then how to find the most ergonomic office chairs? What factors you need to consider before buying? Does trying out a chair while purchasing helps? Here are four tips on making yourself chair-wise.

    Support is crucial in terms of back health. A custom desk chair is good for you if you’re looking for 100% lumbar support for a long day’s work. This chair is made with an added comfort that channel-quilted back and seat cushions which means you’re sitting all day in comfort! 

    Lumbar support

    All office chairs usually have an adjustment of arm and height but that’s not all about adjustments. When shopping for office chairs, you need to look at other adjustments to make sure the comfort they would provide.

    Lumbar support is always the priority. This is because it can allow you to fit the chair to your lower back and support the natural curve of your spine. If you don’t have such support, your back muscle cannot maintain the correct position for long. This will finally lead to back strain and even worse, sciatica. Then what is the correct position? Lordotic is considered the best position and the one we are told to stand in. It contributes to the relaxation of the lower back, as well as the rib cage and thoracic spine. However, many may get used to slumped posture, especially they do not have office chairs with lumbar support. This is the most unhealthful way of sitting as it increases spinal pressure and let the back endure all the stress. So this is why an adjustment of lumbar support is crucial in terms of back health.


    Another key adjustment is the back angle. This allows you to lie down and reduces the weight of your upper body and lower back. Many ergonomic chairs are back adjustable, depending on what structure it uses in the adjustable area. A popular mechanic structure is called STG, allowing you to adjust the angle about 70 degrees. This fits with the laid back posture and is known to reduce lumbar spinal pressures. As such, a reclined position gives you comfort and reduce your spinal pressure. However, it is not recommended long-term speaking for the sake of your shoulders and neck. Leaning on a chair and kick back is surely nice, but since it relieves the strain of your back, it adds up onto your other parts.

    So, when you sit with your knees lower than your hips, i.e. thighs down, you then should set a chair back to an angle of 90 degrees. But having a short noon nap by leaning on your office chair is also desirable.

    Armrest width and height

    You may NOT always sitting at a desk. If you have meetings that people just sit around without office tables, or just huddle up to discuss a project, then armrests are important and need to be in the correct position. This requires office chairs with the right width. If it’s too wide, then your arms need to open at a certain angle, leading to the fatigue of your shoulder and neck. Whereas too narrow of your armrests result to the shoulder shrug, your muscle tension consequently increases. A right width should be a bit wider than your shoulder and can naturally rest your arms on it.

    Now another factor you want to consider of an armrest is height. If it’s too high, then your shoulders will shrug and can cause muscle tension and pain after sitting in that posture for a while. So a relaxed position is needed to maintain your shoulders level when resting on the armrests.

    Solid warranty and final verdict

    Now you’ve got the scoop on how to select office chairs, one last thing you need to consider is quality within your budget. Quality office chairs need to endure daily abuse since no company wants to change their chairs very often. Many think that trying chairs before buying is a very safe way to see if they are suitable. However, this might not be an ideal way as many cannot tell how a chair feels in just a couple of minutes of use. Thus a straightforward and fair warranty is necessary.

    All you need is a reliable and reputational supplier with a longer and more inclusive warranty. Here is the place we come in! Sunon as one of the best office furniture manufacturers and suppliers in China has dedicated to office chairs manufacturing for decades. One of our popular products is called Iron chair , which is considered as one of the most ergonomic chairs. If you do want quality office chairs with a fair price, please reach us out. After all, it’s one giant leap for your employees’ comfort!  

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