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Apartment Interior Balancing Aesthetics And Functionality|  Rstudio

We live in an era where words such as minimalism, abstraction, modernism are on a grapevine. The firm Rstudio Architects, Surat surely does justice to these words in their recently completed 3 BHK residential apartment interior project proving that less is definitely more. It is spacious, minimal and modern in style. A balance between aesthetics and functionality is achieved hand-in-hand with giving a minimalistic character to space.

The project reflects two far end concepts. One is the use of a subtle white color scheme for the walls, floor, ceiling, etc. Other, on the contrary, is the use of vivid colors, textures, and materials to furnish the space. Both these factors come together to do justice to the client brief that demanded a new feel every time one steps into the house.


The apartment is an open-plan layout with the living area, dining area, the kitchen and the puja sharing the same space segregated with the use of partition wall, ceiling heights and geometric floor patterns. In-situ RCC casting for furniture elements along with explicit use of Kota stone brings down the costing on the interiors.

The living room looks spacious with a closely arranged furniture; centralized by a geometric triangular floor pattern. The wall art is customized to match the floor patterns. The tea-poi is an abstracted cuboid that retains only the frame with a glass top.  Wood clads the partition wall for the linear TV console- with drawers framed by an exposed RCC finish. Contrastingly, the olive green leather sofa is bulky with slender steel legs. An ochre yellow puffy juggle in defining the niche and permitting the view onto the other spaces. All these strands come together to create a lavish output.

The wall along the main door is divided to accommodate a puja space and an Indian seating adjoining the dining table. Puja alcove is minimalistic with brass idols seated on white pebble over an RCC surfaced console. The warm white chandelier and the wooden fonts ensure a spiritual endurance in here.

The dining area is well-lit by a linear window along the wall with a leather olive green Indian seating which aids interaction. All the furnishings are designated to render a minimal look thus ensuring a spacious domain. Braced wooden legs with a cast RCC tabletop very aptly justifies the intention. The bright-colored PVC chairs along with a delineating triangular floor pattern add to the vibrancy of the space. The ceiling lights replace the ceiling fan to visually demarcate its territory.

The kitchen takes white as the basic hue even for the lacquer storage units with the niches breaking its monotony. The kitchen platform is simply a yellow quartz stone writ large to bring all the focus upon itself. It sets an example of a small area that is made to look as large as life. The surroundings are ordinary white walls ornamented with the subtle vintage-painted doors that lead to the bedrooms.

All the bedrooms use an overpowering leather finished Kota stone flooring done with white grooves. The furniture designs here are simple to ensure a timeless visual comfort throughout the stay. Two of the rooms use graphic tiles as the bed back to integrate a crafty and easy to maintain interior accent. The RCC cantilevered bed is cast in-situ for a raw look counting on being lighter on the pockets as well. The children’s room is fabricated all along the floor and the walls for the kids to hip and hop around all day.

This project sets an example for a timelessly appealing interior design. One would never stop awing over these functional yet minimally designed spaces. There is no hint of overdoing or underdoing in any part of the apartment. The recessed backdrop with vividly colored furniture indeed engulfs the space in an energizing semblance.

Fact File:

Architectural Firm: Rstudio

Project: Residential Apartment

Location: Surat, Gujarat

Completion Year: 2019

Designers: Mayur Salia, Sanjay Sheladia

Photography:  Ishita Sitwala

Text Credits: Megha Hirani


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