Bracing for Vernacular Finishes with traces of Modern Design | Design Inc.

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Basic planning was done and structure construction was in process when our design team was introduced to the modern design project. Therefore, our foremost need was to finalize the interior style to make desired changes in the structure for probable interiors and required facelift in exteriors. Concrete happened to our client business venture, “Hey Concrete”, so we streamlined to use versatility of concrete in all and every building element beginning from roof, to floor, wall clads, artefacts and furniture.

Bracing for Vernacular Finishes with traces of Modern Design | Design Inc.

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Industrial color palette of grey, browns, contrasted by blue has made the living space playful and naughtorius. Every room of the house exclusive feature enabling directed significance utilized well. Leaf patterned ceiling, applauds versatility of the material. 

Living room is ornamented with blue painted designed metal cut jaali accommodating pooja niche.

Exclusive bespoke usage of concrete on floor, roof, and walls added to the uniqueness of the project. Customized flooring in colored concrete, terrazzo tiles for washrooms, with regular client meetings enabled innovation in concrete. Key points of the project being, in spite of exhaustive usage of concrete, variety of implementation enable different and distinct patterns and textures.

Usage of breeze blocks along with adjustable louvers, with Turkish blue and natural teak wood furniture, gives exclusivity to modern architecture form. Bespoke simple, bold yet elegant floating center table holds a substantive position in living area.

The bungalow has 5 bedrooms, with an exclusive feature, providing statement to the space. Parents bedroom have a lively pre-fabricated concrete triangular patterned bed head wall and entertainment unit wall, framed in wood, intercepted by similar patterned window, amalgamated with tinted grey triangular floor, done using precast concrete tiles, has earmarked its presence through sobriety.

Bed room of youngest brother is kept quite simple and raw, with minimal furniture and furnishing, as he being unmarried, leaves with complete possibility of incremental furnishing as per need.

Eldest brother’s bedroom is coordinated well with 3D wall panels, reflected with Satuario finish laminate on entertainment unit wall, and has been adequately set as per utility. Striking feature of the bedroom being terrazzo blue concrete flooring, done using 1200*600 mm sized precast terrazzo slabs.

Bedroom of younger brother has been designed, making a cusp between concrete and wood intersections, intercepted by fenestration.

Kids bedroom is crafted interestingly using combination of playful combination, supported by slate on wall for providing with free spirits to young mind for scribbling and exploring.

Last but not the least, client’s satisfaction, not only in terms of aesthetics, but utility added functionality added final feather to the design.

Fact File

Designed by: Design Inc.

Project Type: Residential Interior Design

Project Name: Ravi Shashi House

Location : Udaipur, Rajasthan

Year Built : 2021

Duration of project : 2 Years

Plot Area : 2523 Sq.ft.

Built up : 3600 Sq.ft

Project Cost Appx : 1 crore

Principal Architects : Anup Murdia & Sandeep Jain

Team Design Credits: Akshi Jain, Ankita Bhanawat, Mudit Lodha

Consultants for the Project

Civil: Dilip Khandelwal

Project Managers: Yogesh

Interior Styling: Pratikruti                                     

Photograph Courtesy: Pratikruti

Products & Materials: Finishes: Hey Concrete, Asian Paints | Wallcovering / Cladding / Construction Materials: Hey Concrete | Sanitary ware: Kohler | Façade Systems: Alok Bolia Fenestration | Windows: Alok Bolia Fenestration | Furniture: Furniture Studio. Udaipur | Flooring: Hey Concrete | Paint: Asian Paints | Hardware: Hettich

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