Best 7 Tips Architecture College Student

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Finding the perfect friends in college is very important, especially if you study in an architectural college. College life of an architecture student comes with many problems and challenges. It would be best if you acted smartly during college; otherwise, it may lead to negative work habits.

Avoid Distractions

The major problem faced by an architecture student is the lack of dedication towards a particular activity. Most students procrastinate all day long simply because they are too lazy to pick up the pen. Try to stay away from these students as they tone down the overall vibe of your studio, and you may find yourself in the pack of lazy people. You might also face several distractions that sway you away from being a productive student. For example, on exam night, a fellow peer might ask you to attend a house party two blocks away. You might be tempted to go to that party, but always learn to say no. Your one night partying might affect all the hard work that you put in throughout the semester. Find ways to minimize the workload during exam season and outsource your assignments to online writing agencies like Essayzoo.

Social media is another major distraction that sucks up most of the time of a college student. Always keep your phone aside, or turn it off whenever you are doing something significant. Studies show that people who maintain a well lit social media presence are big procrastinators, and they lead counterproductive lives.

Always Sleep On Time

Always make sure that you maintain a healthy sleep schedule during architecture college. A student has to be creative in order to succeed in architecture. Lack of sleep makes you miserable, and you might not be able to unleash your full potential in the studio. Many students who sleep late find themselves in a disrupted routine that might take weeks to iron out. If you are someone in a similar situation, work extra hard to get back on track. Staying up late also means that you will not be able to concentrate the next day in class, and eventually, you might miss an important lecture. However, exceptions are always there. If you have an urgent assignment that is due in a few hours, staying up late might be the only option. To avoid getting tangled in this situation, and complete your work beforehand so that you can get a good night’s sleep and wake up with a fresh and productive mind. If you want to get a crucial assignment done, and also sleep on time, you might be interested in hiring This online writing agency provides expert writers from all over the world to look after your writing needs.

Work Smart, Not Hard

Working hard may be beneficial, but while crafting an architecture paper, you must always be creative and work smart. Most students that work hard lose the focus of the project, and they eventually fall behind. Designing is all about using your brain to formulate ideas that are the most feasible and attractive for the client. It takes more brain than person-hours. You might notice that no matter how much effort you put in a project, one student always takes the most excellent remarks. This is because that student thinks out of the box. A professor always appreciates work that is out of the ordinary. Try to be as innovative as possible to stand out from all the other students. As a result, you might get better grades and loads of appreciation from your teachers. For instance, you have been asked to write an essay on architecture and its application in our daily lives. A hard-working student will go on the internet and research on various topics to find the most appropriate content.

On the other hand, a smart working student will get creative and craft an essay that is new and contains new information. The student who worked smart will get a better grade than the whole class. If you are in a similar situation, there are various Essay samples available on the internet for you to learn.

Work In Teams

Two heads are always better than one. Do not fly solo in architecture school; otherwise; you might fail. Good friends are important because they help you with various school activities. Make friends who have a high work ethic and also make sure that their priorities are similar to yours. The combined effort of a team will always surpass the solo effort of a student. Never hesitate to expand your circle and always look for new friends. Students that do not make friends and prefer working alone regret it later on because somethings require a helping hand. Always remember, teamwork makes dreams work.

Keep Your Desk Organized

Whenever someone asks me is architecture hard, I always tell them that if you are unorganized, it might be challenging to survive in architecture college. Cleanliness is essential in architecture school. A student with a disorganized desk has to spend much time in finding the perfect tool. Try to keep your stuff in proper places with labels so that you may find them when required. A clean workplace also helps boost your focus and minimizes the distractions.

Exceptions are always there. Different types of architects work best in different situations. For example, you might function more effectively within a situation where things are kept in an unorderly fashion. That is entirely normal, but it is essential to find a setting where your mind works in the most optimal condition.

Eat Healthily

Your diet also plays a vital role in productivity. If you want to succeed in architecture college, try maintaining a healthy diet. A student that consumes junk food gets sick all the time and compromises his studies. Make sure to eat a proper breakfast, lunch and dinner to avoid any unnecessary health complications.

Never Lose Hope

One lousy comment does not decide all your future reviews. While the jury, most students get disheartened, and they lose all hope. Try and stay positive even if you received a negative comment and work on improving the project. You might be unable to get it perfect on the first try but keep practicing.


Architecture school can be a hectic experience for many students. However, if you follow these seven tips, your life may become a tad easier. Always make friends at college and balance work with leisure activities. Make sure that you take adequate breaks to restart your mind to craft more good designs.