CBD Oil In Its Many Forms

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The market is surging with brands carrying CBD oil products in the United States and Europe. (View the cannabidiol “landscape” in Europe here.) The reason there is such a large number of suppliers is that the compound is not regulated.

What this genuinely means to a consumer is that careful consideration needs to be taken when selecting products and in deciding with whom to order. Receiving a product of subpar quality can be detrimental to safety in that the substance can contain harmful additives or contaminants, including heavy metals, pesticides, fungicides, preservatives, or more. 

Third-party lab testing is a necessity to ensure the quality of ingredients and confirm the accurate level of cannabinoids. Companies that participate in these tests should be transparent with results by publishing them in some format. 

The recommendation is to find CBD oil products online with trustworthy sites like cheefbotanicals.com or go to stores solely dedicated to the compound. These resources will take the time to investigate brands and carefully choose what to make available with their establishments. They are exceptionally knowledgeable on the substances and can educate consumers in making decisions that might otherwise confuse them.


Variety Of CBD Oil Options

People are unique as far as their consumption requirements. Some people are intolerant of specific formulas. For this reason, there is generally more than one option made available for any type of “remedy,” including CBD oil, to make delivery smooth Leaf Nation aims to help clear up misconceptions about the versatile plant and provide up-to-date news in the industry. With hemp, users are often challenged by the taste. Some forms manufactured for consumers follow:

  • The Tincture: A tincture is among the more “palatable” choices with flavors from which you can select. Typically, the oil is either heated or in its raw form and combined with an alcohol base in addition to flavoring. You’ll find a glass bottle for the container with a dropper for administering the dose. There are also sprays available. 

Tinctures are user-friendly, with the designated number of drops for your specific dosage being placed and held under the tongue for approximately five minutes for a potent effect. 

The suggestion is that these are ideal for anyone new to the substance (like seniors interested in CBD), particularly since the hemp taste is masked with flavorings, and in some cases, you can opt for sweeteners.

  • The Edibles: Again, part of the base component of these products is a heated or raw oil. When people think of CBD edibles, the first thing that comes to mind is “gummies,” but there is a multitude of choices, including hard candies and chocolates. There are also beverages like coffee and teas.

Edibles allow for discretion and are beneficial for those intolerants of the standard taste of hemp. The downside is these are not necessarily as budget friendly as some of the other forms. The adage is correct; however, “you do get what you pay for.”

  • Raw Oil: The hemp oil taken directly from the plant serves as the basis for all the products, but you have the option of buying it as it is and consuming it if your interest is keeping the integrity of the plant’s components. 

The purest form of extraction notes to be CO2 because other techniques have the potential for leaving chemical solvents behind, defeating the purpose for the purity of the product. The three types are:

  • Green-Raw: You will experience a very “earthy,” bitter taste as the thick, paste-like composition has little refinement. It’s complete with all of the components of the whole plant, including terpenes, flavonoids, and other cannabinoids.
  • Blue-Decarboxylated: These are the result of the raw paste having been heated with the oil going through more refining, taking out more of the plant matter to strengthen the cannabidiol. The consistency will still be that of a paste, only lighter in color and thinner. 
  • Gold-Filtered: The product left behind after a full refinement that takes out all the plant matter is a potent concentration of the cannabinoid with a gel consistency and a “peppery” flavor. 

For someone new to CBD products, the recommendation is to start with a tincture. These are ideal for a beginner not only for taste but dosing is made simple with the dropper (or spray) delivery. If you’re unsure of where or how to start your CBD journey, a reputable, trustworthy carrier will guide you along the path and answer any questions.