• 5 Garden Structures That Will Transform Your Backyard

    It’s hard to imagine a living room with just carpet, white walls, and a drab-colored white couch. We go all out to decorate our living room, don’t we? All the more so if we’re expecting company. In like manner, what’s the deal with all the backyards that seem to lack personality? 

    Much like a living room or a work room, a yard can have good or bad “feng shui.” In other words, a backyard that’s cluttered, messy, or disorganized can discourage you from working or from even visitors taking a stroll through your garden. 

    Why not decorate your backyard garden this season and make it look like a million bucks – at only a fraction of that cost? 

    For best tips to transform your garden of your backyard go to backyard remodel.

    In this article, we’re going to list a few backyard structures that will transform your backyard garden into something beautiful to behold. 

    1. Natural Swimming Pool

    Everyone has a swimming pool, but very few people love nature just that much – namely that they have a natural body of water in the middle of their garden. It’s like the Garden of Eden and sounds lovely…but wait, isn’t it a lot of work?

    Not as much as you think. You can keep plants inside the pond to help keep the water clean, along with a biological filtration system. It’s like having a large aquarium, but without the headache of chlorine and chemicals. It’s a nature lover’s dream garden and is better for the environment and local flora and fauna than a regular swimming pool. 

    2. Fire Pit

    If a natural swimming pool is like having a Garden of Eden, then a fire pit in your garden is like having your own mini-amphitheater! Imagine campfires in the winter or fall season, or a July 4th celebration with drinks and watching fireworks. You could also barbecue late into the night or tell scary stories for Halloween. 

    Some maintenance is required, mainly sweeping away brush, disposing of flammables, and dousing the pit with water before you turn in. You also have to treat metal work to prevent rust. But aside from the basics, it’s much easier to manage than you might think. 

    3. Pergolas

    Pergolas and canopies refer to the archway in a garden that’s typically covered in plants and which provides a temporary shelter from the elements. While most people might think of a pergola as an open ceiling for shade, you could also install a rain protection pergola for a similar price. 

    Pergolas can attach to your house or be placed all over the yard, giving each section of the garden a room-like ambiance. You could create an outdoor dining area using a pergola, or even put in a hot tub. 

    Don’t worry – even if you don’t have the garden quite up and growing yet, we have a guide on how to design a sustainable garden that will fit in with your new backyard structures.

    4. Levels

    There’s only one good thing about having a hill or uneven terrain – levels! You can use the slope to your advantage by creating levels and stairs to the hill. Once you create a functional layout you can add a number of other fixtures, like waterfalls, plant beds, terraces, dining areas, firepits, and other amenities. 

    5. Day (Or Night Bed)

    What better way to bask in the glory of your garden features by literally falling asleep amid the calming sounds of nature? You can buy a ready-to-go daybed (or a night bed) made for the outdoors.

    These daybeds come with canopies and open ceilings to protect against some elements. Many of these beds are also made from waterproof fabrics

    You could even sleep outside the bedroom on some lovely nights, and would sleep deeply and snugly, next to a water feature or even some garland trees with string lights. 

    An Investment and a Feature

    Adding backyard structures to your yard and garden is not only great for the aesthetic but can also boost the property value of the home. These pieces are available for just the price of a few mortgage payments, so after a good year, you can spruce up the back of your home just as affectionately as you would the entrance. 

    Why not make now the right year and the right season to build the rest of your dream home?

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