• Bear these things in mind if you want a super luxurious home

    Wanting a home with a wow-factor is everyone’s wish. We all harbor a dream of owning a home as comfortable and cozy as Harry Potter’s Gryffindor common room while being unique and beautiful as The Lake House movie. If you are someone who scrolls through Pinterest or Architectural Digest, then you probably would have an image of what you want your home to look like. 

    Everyone has their idea of what luxury is; owning a toilet made out of gold like Donald Trump is luxury for some, while for others owning Enid Blyton’s cottage in the countryside is the epitome of luxury.

    It’s important to know what you want your home to look like, if it will be comfortable for you and your family and if it something you can maintain. Making a home is a personal business, so rushing it under pressure or doing it according to someone else’s taste will only leave you unsatisfied later on. Following are a few ideas you can take up to make your home luxurious:

    1. Location:

    It really matters where you live. The location of your house needs to be close to the necessitates of life. Just like Batman’s cave under Wayne Manor was crucial to his mobility and mission. It’s the same for you to have your home in an ideal location, which is vital for your mobility. 

    Even if you have a car, it is better to live in someplace that is accessible through public transit routes. It needs to be in an area that has good schools and colleges in the vicinity. For parents, it is of paramount importance that the school their children attend is close to home. It’s taxing on the younger generation, and their precious time that was to be spent studying and playing is wasted in transit. Also, living somewhere serene and close to nature like mont botanik location will improve your quality of life. A quieter place, with cleaner air, is the right place to raise a family. Places like that also have a good resale value.  

    1. Smart Homes:

    Smart homes are the new fashion. It is, however, a very practical fashion and luxury that will cost you a bit but will give you a premium living quality. In a smart home, you can control many home functions through an application on your phone. The doors and windows can be automatically locked and unlocked; curtains can be drawn; blinds can be lifted; lights can be turned on/off; sprinklers in the garden can be managed; CCTV footage of your home can be accessed live on your phone – all this can be done through your smartphone. 

    Smart homes come with many more features, like automatic temperature and environment control inside the house, smart TV, alarms systems, etc. Technology is a very sought out luxury; not only does it assist the owner like an automated housekeeper but also adds a cool factor. Smart houses haven’t evolved to the level of Tony Stark’s penthouse, but they can give a feeling of what it must feel like to be live in it.

    1. Open Floor plans:

    People don’t pay attention to this aspect as much as they should, but the flooring of your home is the central part of interior design. 

    Open floors make space look bigger and brighter. There are numerous types of flooring available, but wooden flooring has no parallel. It gives your place a luxurious ambiance, without being over the top. Also, wooden floors never go out of fashion, making them an investment of a lifetime. Here are a few other important tips: don’t place rugs and runners everywhere unless you need to hide some damage and choose furniture which doesn’t cover or damage the floors.

    1. Stylish Kitchen:

    The kitchen is the heart of the home; having a kitchen that is up to date adds a lot of value to the house. The best way to make your kitchen lavish is to have marble countertops and islands. A cluttered kitchen looks messy even when it’s clean, hence spacious cabinets are crucial. The appliances should be fixed properly in the interior of the kitchen, not placed awkwardly on the top of counters. 

    Though it all depends upon the taste, the kitchen usually looks perfect in monotone colors like white, gray, brown, and black. These colors make anything look grand, and that is luxurious. Having colorful cabinets like Luna Lovegood do sound fun in theory, but they will start to look funky real soon. And funky interior gives homely vibes, but there isn’t anything lavish about that. 

    1. Outdoor space: 

    Having an outdoor space is very imperative in an upscale home. Something like a patio, deck, or an open terrace, where you can have lunch on a pleasant day, can enjoy the night air while having dinner and have a barbecue party with friends and family.  

    During extreme weather, indoors can get stuffy, having a beautiful spacious outdoors will make things pleasant. You can do some landscaping in your outdoor space. Place potted plants and flowers, explore your green thumb and grow potted vegetables like cherry tomatoes. Greenery has a soothing effect, and doing little gardening is a relaxing activity. Outdoor space for homes in cities is becoming a rarity, so having it is the ultimate luxury – one you can show off. 


    Many factors come together to make a home look and feel luxurious. Proper lighting for the night and a place that is well lit by the sunlight during the day are also crucial aspects. A poorly lit area gives shabby vibes, so avoid that at all costs. Minimalism is the most luxurious fashion; way too many decorations, and furnishing pieces make your home look cluttered. You should have ceiling to floor curtains for all your windows; curtains have something royal about them, they act as wall tapestry along with covering up the windows. Do not leave your walls blank, hang photo frames, art pieces, or clocks.

    Making your home luxurious isn’t only about money, it is about making an effort to create a space you wish for, and it takes time. You might even fail a few times and not get what you want, but the important thing is not to give up and especially not to settle for less than you deserve!

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