Back to School – College Dorm Supplies for Students

Moving into a dorm can be a stressful experience. However, furnishing a dorm properly can make the transition from home to college much simpler.

Dorm life can be a challenge for unprepared college students. Fortunately, having a few simple things on hand when moving in can turn an unfamiliar dorm room into a personal space within a few minutes. For example, the essay writer site suggests checking with any roommates regarding larger items like televisions and couches before purchasing them to avoid running out of space. Students should purchase personal toiletry items before heading off to school.

Dorm Room Furnishings

Most dorm rooms come with a bed, a mattress, a desk, and a chair. Check with the school to see what things are provided before making any purchases. Buy a comfortable desk chair to replace the provided chair, or get a cushion to make it more comfortable. Chairs can be used for storing items, as well. An organized and comfortable desk can help promote studying.

Buy a mattress pad for the provided mattress to add extra support and comfort. Dormitory mattresses are reused each year and can be very uncomfortable for students. Dorm mattresses tend to be a few inches longer than regular twin mattresses; purchase a mattress pad and a sheet set designed for dorm living.

A microwave and micro-fridge are an important part of a dormitory. Cooking food and snacks in the room saves students a great deal of money and prevents them from eating unhealthy and expensive fast food. Supply the room with healthy snacks for the micro-fridge.

A trash can and trash bags for messes, food wrappers, and other items are necessary for any dorm. Keep the room clean to make it a better atmosphere for studying and sleeping. A cleanroom is less likely to have an insect problem, as well.

Get a small bookshelf or storage unit with drawers and shelves to store books, notebooks, school supplies, extra food, and miscellaneous items during the school year. Organized students are more likely to get better grades, and a storage unit helps keep the room clean.

Talk to any roommates about getting curtains or blinds for the window if they are not provided by the school. Having privacy in the room is important.

Personal items like posters, photographs from home, a corkboard for assignments, small lamps, and other individual touches can make a dorm room feel more like a living space. Add these touches to help the room feel more comfortable.

Dormitory Shower Supplies

Dormitory showers do not come supplied with shower items, nor do many of them have shelves for housing soaps while the shower is in use. Purchase a shower caddy or basket to hold shower items to avoid having to put them on the floor.

Soaps, shampoo, conditioner, razors, towels, toothbrushes, and toothpaste all need to be supplied by the student. Having an adequate supply of toothpaste and other toiletries is an important part of staying clean and healthy at college.

Additionally, purchase a pair of flip-flops or sandals to wear in the shower. Many dormitory showers have fungi in them that can cause athletes’ feet and other unpleasant foot conditions. Wear these flip-flops in the shower to prevent exposure to these fungi and wash towels and washcloths regularly.

Academic Supplies for College Students

In addition to a desk and shelves for storing items, college students need to have a regular supply of academic materials to study, use an essay writing service and complete their homework properly. A laptop is an important tool for college students, especially if the school library has a limited number of computers. Accessing the internet and writing papers in a dorm room allows students to have greater freedom in their work schedules. Dorm room study space is important.

Notebooks, spare paper, and a personal printer allow students to write and print papers in their room as well. Using a personal printer can be more expensive than printing things at the library, but it can also save students a great deal of time. Purchase extra pens and a set of multi-colored highlighters to use when studying for exams. Color code notes to help improve memory retention and organization.

A good book bag is one of the most important things a student can have. Purchase a bag that has adequate shoulder and back supports to avoid causing spinal stress and damage when carrying books across campus. Use a bag that can fit a laptop, notebooks, and textbooks.

Leaving home for school prepared is the first step in making the college experience a pleasant and successful one. Ensure that a student has the necessary supplies to make their dormitory feel safe and comfortable; a productive and comfortable environment is more likely to encourage students to get better grades.